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Strictly 2012: Victoria Pendleton struggles with steamy routines

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 30 October 2012

Strictly 2012: Victoria Pendleton struggles with steamy routines

Victoria Pendleton has clearly struggled to get to grips with the routines on Strictly Come Dancing.

But last weekend the former Olympic cyclist shocked everyone by executing a magnificent tango to Billy Idol’s hit song White Wedding with her professional dance partner Brendan Cole.

The 32-year-old effortlessly twirled around the stage dressed as a corpse bride, ensuring that the pair scored high on the leaderboard, ending up in second position behind fellow Olympic athlete Louis Smith.

While things are now looking up for Victoria, she has admitted that she finds it hard to pretend to be in love with Brendan and perform the steamy dances with him on national television - especially when her fiancé Scott Gardner is in the audience!

She told the Radio Times: “As lovely as Brendan is, he’s not my fiancé, so dancing the tango, which involves staying away from each other as opposed to pretending to be in love, was really enjoyable for me.

“I’m not an actress, so pretending to be in love with someone for a week is actually quite hard.”

While Victoria is finding Strictly a challenge, she’s pleased that her fiancé is being incredibly supportive and understanding of her long rehearsal sessions with Brendan.

She confessed: “It’s a good thing Scott is very secure in our relationship, so there are no issues there.

“He has been very supportive of me during Strictly, running me a bath when I get home from training with sore feet, and coming to the studio every week.

“He also gets upset for me when a performance doesn't go as well as I was hoping it would.

“He was particularly concerned when I nearly strangled myself with chiffon in the rumba a couple of weeks ago.”

While Victoria has a committed fan in her fiancé, who used to be her cycling trainer, her mum is also thrilled to bits with her performances on the show.

She added: “My mum loves Strictly and is so glad to see me doing something other than cycling.

“She used to find watching me on the track really stressful and didn't handle it very well.”

by Alison Potter

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