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Strictly weight loss! Victoria Pendleton sheds 10lbs

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 4 October 2012

The last thing Victoria Pendleton ever needed (or wanted) to do was lose weight - but it seems Strictly Come Dancing rehearsals have left her with no choice.

Strictly weight loss! Victoria Pendleton sheds 10lbs

The cyclist, who won a gold and silver medal at the London 2012 Olympics, says she's sad to have shed 10lbs of muscle in recent months.

She said: "I’ve lost weight. Since the Olympics, I haven’t done any serious weight training. I’ve done a bit of work in the gym, but not any weight training to the level that I’m used to.

"And as a consequence I’ve already lost four and a half kilos of muscle. Mainly from my thighs."

Super-toned Victoria weighed nine and a half stone before she started training with her Strictly partner Brendan Cole.

She continued: "When I sit down and look at my legs they don’t look like mine any more. I feel a bit sad because I’ve worked for so many years to get that.

"And putting on a millimetre on my thigh girth, I used to be like: 'Yes, yes! Thank you. It’s working.' It is hard."

The 32-year-old - who signed up to the BBC dancing programme a month before she won her Olympic medals - has no wish to feel more feminine.

Victoria added: "That’s not me. I have spent my whole life trying to get bigger, musclier thighs, and now they are just disappearing in front of my very eyes, daily.

"It is going to take some time to get used to it."

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by Esme Riley

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