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The Valleys: New MTV series will rival TOWIE

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 25 September 2012

The latest 'scripted reality' show to rival TOWIE and Made In Chelsea hits our TV screens this evening.

The Valleys: New MTV series will rival TOWIE

With strong echoes of Geordie Shore, MTV's The Valleys follows nine young people as they move in together in Cardiff.

The cast will be filmed throughout the series as they work and socialise in the Welsh capital.

And upon hearing some behind-the-scenes gossip from the series photocall, sofeminine is already getting the feeling that the show will feature numerous diva tantrums and a lot of male egos.

While having their pictures taken in London, the girls were terrified their fake tan would smudge, while the boys looked macho as they posed under leopard-print umbrellas.

And there were even said to be tears when the pink sheep emerged.But the new series has faced criticism that it's stereotyping people from the South Wales area.

Alex Bevan, who helps to run the The Valleys Are Here, said: "People feel very annoyed about it already.

"Right from the off the press release was pretty arrogant and quite patronising about the place.

"They said we lived in the rolling countryside, and they promised to rescue people from obscurity."

Furthermore, Welsh singer Charlotte Church has branded it "exploitative and horrific".

But former Steps star 'H' - also from the area - has been helping to promote the programme, promising his Twitter followers they'll be "addicted" in no time.

Only time will tell.Tune in to MTV tonight at 10pm to find out.

by Esme Riley

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