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The Wanted's Max admits girlfriend was jealous of J.Lo kiss

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 3 July 2012

It’s probably every woman’s worst nightmare to have their boyfriend lock lips with Jennifer Lopez - and Coronation Street actress Michelle Keegan is no different when it comes to her man Max George. The Wanted hunk has revealed that Michelle was jealous of his kiss with the American Idol judge earlier this year, which happened after his band performed on the US talent show.

The Wanted's Max George admits girlfriend was jealous of J.Lo kiss

Jennifer Lopez

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But Michelle, 25, wasn’t upset for conventional reasons...

Max, 23, admitted to The Sun: “My girlfriend was jealous but not because I was with J.Lo in that way. It's because she wasn't with J.Lo. She has a massive crush on her.

“If she met J.Lo it would be me keeping an eye on them two. Saying that, I wouldn't mind watching - it would be great.”

As well as his Corrie actress girlfriend fancying Jennifer, it’s clear that the 42-year-old singer made quite an impression on Max as he continued to gush: “I've had worse days. Her boyfriend was watching in the audience as well which made it even naughtier.

“But she's easily one of the nicest stars we've met. She was perfect.”

by Alison Potter

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