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Tom Daley: I'm used to seeing half-naked Cheryl Cole

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 22 August 2012

Olympic diver Tom Daley has admitted that he's become quite accustomed to Cheryl Cole's scantily clad bod.

Tom Daley: I'm used to seeing half-naked Cheryl Cole

Tom Daley


But unfortunately for Tom - who's never been shy about his crush on the Geordie singer - he hasn't yet had the fortune of semi-nude Cheryl in the flesh.

The 18-year-old told Heat magazine: "I've got her calendar on my wall, so I'm used to seeing her half-naked and I see divers half-naked every day, although...it is Cheryl."

Tom has agreed to meet up with Cheryl after she tweeted and asked him to teach her how to "swan dive" - but he still doesn't think he's in with a romantic chance.

He added: "I haven't got a hope in hell! It'll be cool to finally get to meet her and to teach her how to dive. It'd just be embarrassing if I ask her out.

"It's not going to work. I wish I did have the courage to ask her."

Cheryl is said to have recently found love with her backing dancer Tre Holloway, while Tom insists rumours he's dating US diver Kassidy Cook are unfounded.

He continued: "We're friends.

"I think I'm too young for a relationship. I've always been quite independent, so I quite like not having a relationship - just generally being young, I guess."

Nonetheless, Tom - who likes a girl to look after herself and exercise - asks that if you're going to chat him up, try something original.

He added: "I get lots of 'dive into my bed' and 'dive into...' lots of different other places.

"They're always using the diving pun, as well. Try and use a different pun!"

by Esme Riley

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