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Tom Hardy is inspired by Come Dine with Me?

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 9 August 2012

As ridiculous as it sounds, Tom Hardy has revealed that he takes his acting inspiration from Come Dine With Me. The Dark Knight Rises actor is apparently a big fan of the Channel 4 show which sees members of the public try to outdo each other at throwing dinner parties. In an interview with Total Film, the 34-year-old revealed that the long-running show was the primary influence for his latest role in upcoming crime thriller Lawless.

Tom Hardy is inspired by Come Dine with Me?

Tom Hardy


Tom plays Depression-era bootlegger Forrest Bondurant, a man who struggles to keep the family business afloat alongside his brother, played by Shia LaBeouf.

The actor explained: “I really do like Come Dine with Me. It's great people-watching.

"I'll steal characters from Come Dine with Me. Because they're real people. I take something from everybody.”

While it might seem surprising that the Inception star religiously watches the cult show, the Guardian have been quick to point out that it “makes so much sense.”

Adding: “If you rewatch Tom Hardy's idiosyncratic turn as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises - the domineering personality, the love of violent confrontation, the terrible dress sense, the fondness of his own voice, all the bizarre ‘That's a lovely lovely voice’ non-sequiturs - it becomes painfully apparent where the inspiration for such a monster could come from.

“Clearly, Tom Hardy is a massive daytime television fan.”

Tom should expect a call any day now from Channel 4 trying to book him for the next episode of Celebrity Come Dine with Me.

Hopefully he’ll say yes.

by Alison Potter

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