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TOWIE finale: Lauren Goodger and Arg still love their exes

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 22 August 2012

The season finale begins with Lucy Mecklenburgh preparing for her prom-themed 21st birthday party…by measuring butt-naked fiance Mario Falcone's you-know-what. Elsewhere, James 'Arg' Argent makes the intelligent decision to bring Lauren Goodger to lunch with arch enemy Jess Wright and her mum Carol.

TOWIE finale: Lauren Goodger and Arg still love their exes

Lauren insists she hasn't "come along to fight"...and, for once, she doesn't. Lauren apologises and the girls agree they "can't live like this" - so they agree to be civil.

Things are all rosy for Tom Kilbey and Lydia Bright and he asks her to move in with him before they step into the Bentley he's hired for them and make their way to Lucy’s prom.

At the party, Gemma Collins approaches ex Charlie King and confronts him about the rumours he heard from Bobby Norris. Gok Wan lookalike Bobby then comes along and the argument escalates. The boys vehemently deny Gemma's claims Bobby told her something had gone on between them in Marbella.

The altercation ends with Bobby telling Gemma: "Get on your broomstick...back to f*cking Chigwell."

Lauren G chats with Sam Faiers and Lucy - her former enemies - and gets rather emotional as she remembers the memories they share. (Namely fighting, bitching and hatred).

Meanwhile, Mario asks a thrilled Little Chris to be his best man.

And then, of course, it's time for Prom King and Queen to be announced. The winners are Tom and Lydia, which makes for an extremely awkward scene as Lydia’s ex Arg is on stage to call out the winners and present them with their prizes.

Jamie attempts to apologise to Frankie Essex and Billie Faiers for bragging about sleeping with them, but it really doesn't go too well for him. Frankie chucks a cup of drink over him - so he does the same to her. She then decides it's a good idea to throw a whole bowl of punch over Jamie and scream "w*nker".

In a quiet corner, Lauren has an emotional one-on-one chat with Arg in which she tells him that she'll love Mark for the rest of her life "because she's in the habit" (snooze).

Arg says: "We've both lost the loves of our life."

Lauren replies: "I know you still love Lydia, I know you do."

Lauren says she needs to get away for a while and a tearful Arg - nodding - gives her a hug.

It's reported that "getting away for a while" for Lauren means donning some ice skates and appearing in another reality show...

by Esme Riley

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