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TOWIE's Joey Essex robbed at knifepoint

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 27 June 2012

The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex had his Rolex stolen by a two criminals carrying a knife in Hammersmith, West London yesterday. The scheming pair posed as TOWIE fans, asking Joey for a photo before throwing him to the ground and ripping his £10,000 watch off his wrist.

TOWIE's Joey Essex robbed at knifepoint

''Obviously it’s an everyday occurrence for me to get asked for a picture when I'm walking down the street, and I got asked for a picture. I said, "Yeah, that’s cool," and then as I turned around they sort of just jumped me.

''As I got up I was sort of self-defending myself, and then they got the watch - they had a knife.''

Joey - who's known for his sometimes questionable but rather expensive fashion sense - thinks the men were envious of his luxurious lifestyle.

Joey, 21, told Daybreak: ''People notice who we are, sometimes they see us…I don’t know, it’s all to do with jealousy and things like that in the end. People just react in different ways I suppose.''

We hope Joey will be back to feeling Reem in no time...

by Esme Riley

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