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TOWIE Series 6: Cheating allegations and a love confession

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 9 August 2012

TOWIE Series 6: Cheating allegations and a love confession

It was a dramatic night of revelations on The Only Way Is Essex.

Bobby finally told Charlie his true feelings and revealed that he was in love with the workaholic chef.

Despite Bobby’s fears that this would be the end of their friendship, Charlie took the news quite well and reassured the camp salon owner that he wouldn’t lose him.

Charlie explained: “If there was an inkling of me that was interested in you in that way, I'd go for it but it is the way it is.

“Our friendship means more than anything else. I hate seeing you this sad, I am here for you.”

There was another dramatic confession the same evening, as Ricky Rayment discovered that his girlfriend Jessica Wright had been sending flirty texts to Tom Pearce.

The rumours began to circulate after Tom’s current love interest Lauren Goodger (and enemy of Jessica) read out the playful messages to Cara and Frankie over breakfast.

According to Lauren, Jessica sent a text Tom saying: “LG and TP k-i-s-s-i-n-g, I can't believe you cheated on me.”

This couldn’t have come at a worse time for Ricky and Jessica, who have already been struggling with trust issues in their relationship.

In true TOWIE style Jessica’s indiscretions are revealed in the packed club, leading to a big blow out between castmates Lauren, Tom and Jessica.

Jessica accuses Tom and Lauren of trying to ruin her relationship and Ricky calls his former mate Tom “a snake”.

Taking Jessica aside, Ricky confronts her about the truth behind the messages and asks: “Is that the only message that's flirty on there?”

Adding: “I would never talk to a girl about it. You questioned me about trust when you went and did this.”

Will Ricky and Jessica be able to get past textgate?

And will Charlie and Bobby’s friendship ever be the same?

by Alison Potter

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