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TOWIE series 6: Lauren Goodger dumps Tom after sex argument

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 20 August 2012

TOWIE series 6: Lauren Goodger dumps Tom after sex argument

Another couple bites the dust on The Only Way Is Essex as Lauren Goodger dumped Tom Pearce on last night's episode.

The previously loved-up couple had an argument over whether they slept together, and it appears that the 25-year-old tanning entrepreneur didn’t appreciate her 21-year-old toyboy running his mouth about their sex life.

This has been unlucky-in-love Lauren’s first public relationship since her short-lived engagement to former TOWIE star Mark Wright ended last year.

But after talking to her friend Arg about the feud with her ex’s sister Jessica Wright and their mum Carol, Lauren comes to the conclusion that she’s still not over Mark yet.

Concluding that she would rather be single, Lauren takes new boyfriend Tom Pearce to one side in the pub to tell him it’s over.

She explains: “It’s been really difficult for me. I think you're a great guy and you get me. You just don't judge me.

“But at this moment in time I need to be single. I want to be friends and that.”

Tom doesn’t take the news well and confronts the curvaceous reality star over their sex life.

He replies: “I did always sense you weren't sure. I feel like you're nervous about people seeing me with you.

“You always used to play it down, say to people that we hadn't slept together. I just thought, ‘Why's she denying it?’ I don't see why it would be a problem if we're seeing each other.”

Then in a bid to show he’s not that bothered about Lauren ending things, Tom adds: “I’ve actually been seeing my ex. Nothing happened, but I did go for dinner...”

Their conversation quickly turns nasty with Lauren getting defensive over Tom's accusations.

Obviously not wanting to talk about their sex life on camera, Lauren tells him: “'I ain't going into a conversation about what we've done or haven't done. This is my life, I'm an adult.

“You've just crossed the line and disrespected me. I'm disappointed in you.”

Earlier in the episode Tom had confided in his best mate Diags that he had in fact bedded Lauren, although he declined to elaborate further.

But as Diags is one of the biggest gossips on TOWIE, expect details of their short-lived love affair to not remain secret for very long!

by Alison Potter

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