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TOWIE series 6: Sam has "proof" that Mario Falcone cheated

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 13 August 2012

TOWIE series 6: Sam has "proof" that Mario Falcone cheated

After announcing their engagement in Marbella, Sam Faiers explosively accused Mario Falcone of cheating on fiancée Lucy Mecklenburgh.

The menswear tailor steadfastly denied the claims, causing former school friends Sam and Lucy to fall out in spectacular style.

In the latest episode of The Only Way Is Essex, former glamour model Sam reveals to DJ Lauren Pope that she can prove “100 per cent” Mario Falcone cheated on his unsuspecting fiancée.

The 22-year-old explains that her cousin's best friend slept with Mario while he was with Lucy and that she can gather evidence if that’s what is necessary to prove she’s telling the truth.

She angrily tells Lauren: “I know for a fact that Mario has cheated on Lucy. If she wants proof there is proof. I can get proof anyone can get proof, but she doesn’t want to know.”

And it’s not only Mario and Lucy who have to contend with cheating rumours in TOWIE, as Jessica Wright has been sending sexy texts to Tom Pearce.

Despite being in a serious relationship with Ricky Rayment, it was revealed that Jessica has been sexting Lauren Goodger’s new man.

Adding to the drama, tonight Mario reveals that Jess had asked Tom if her Blackberry Messenger picture was working and then sent a saucy pic in her underwear.

Mario chooses his moment to reveal the bombshell, waiting until Jess presents a sentimental picture of them both as a moving in gift to boyfriend Ricky.

Mario says: “I bet this wasn’t the picture she asked Tom P to open.”

Jess breaks down in tears and shouts at Ricky: “I’m innocent messaging Tom. I’m friends with him...I love you.”

Outside of the restaurant the pair have a standoff and Ricky admits to Jess: “It’s the fact you’ve done it and it’s made me feel f***king worthless.”

All looks forgiven for now as Ricky kisses Jess - but what bombshell will come out next?

by Alison Potter

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