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Unselfish mother Mel C

Published on 23 March 2011

Former Spice Girl Mel C has admitted becoming a mother made her less self-obsessed.

Mel C says becoming a mother has made her less self-obsessed.
The former Spice Girl has a two-year-old daughter Scarlet with her property developer partner Thomas Starr and she insists having a child freed her always worrying about herself and her career.
She said: "Being a mum has made me a better person. I'm really mellow, more confident and more unselfish.
"Before Scarlet, especially working in such an appearance-conscious profession, everything was about me, me, me. It was all, 'I've got to go to the gym, I've got to take care of myself and wear nice clothes.'
"It's a relief to have somebody else who becomes your priority. In a way it takes the pressure off you as an individual. It makes you so much happier and she's made me feel more confident."
Mel, 37, now can't remember her life before Scarlet and is still staggered by how much happiness the little girl has brought to her and 43-year-old Thomas.
She added: "I'm truly having a ball now this little person is in my life. She gives me so much joy but it has really surprised me how much having her has affected and changed me."
Three of Mel's former Spice Girls bandmates are currently pregnant. Mel B is having her third child; Victoria Beckham who is having her fourth child with husband David Beckham; and Emma Bunton, who is expecting her second child with her fiance Jade Jones.

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