Victoria Beckham doesn't want to talk about S&M with her mum

Published by Esme Riley
Published on 2 August 2012

Victoria Beckham is perhaps regretting getting her mum hooked on saucy novel Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Victoria Beckham doesn't want to talk about S&M with her mum

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The fashion designer, who's making her way through E.L. James' series, prefers not to chat to Jackie Adams about the sexual nature of the book.

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Victoria told Glamour magazine: "I'm halfway through the second one. I even bought my mum the book. But every time she tries to engage in conversation about it, I kind of dodge the subject.

"I don't really want to talk to my mother about S&M."

Fifty Shades Of Grey focuses on a young virginal girl who is charmed by the irresistible Christian Grey.

Cheryl Cole and Amanda Holden are also said to be fans of the novels and a string of celebs have posted photos of themselves reading it on Twitter.

Victoria revealed all to the September issue of Glamour magazine, which she also had a hand in editing. As well as posing for a sexy shoot, she helped put together 'The Fashion Issue', having a say in the look and features of the mag.

The 38-year-old also revealed why she thinks she looks glum in photos nowadays.

She said: "I actually used to smile a lot in pictures. I think I only stopped smiling when I got into fashion. Fashion stole my smile!

"I’ve created this person. And I’m not saying that’s not me, but I wouldn’t say that’s the whole me. It’s an armour that goes up."