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Victoria Beckham opens up about dating before she met David Beckham

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 21 December 2012

As a member of the most popular girl band in the world, you'd think Victoria Beckham had men hanging off her every word before she started dating footballer David Beckham in 1997.

Victoria Beckham opens up about dating before she met David Beckham

David Beckham

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But it seems that wasn't quite the case for Posh Spice.

In a special Spice Girls documentary to be aired on Christmas Eve, Victoria candidly reveals about her time in the band: "There was a stage where someone wrote once how every woman wanted to be one of us and every man wanted to date one of us.

"Not that anyone wanted to date me. I think everyone wanted to sort of like just brush my hair."

But that didn't matter, because in 1999 Victoria married David - one of the most eligible men in the world.

Victoria appears to have the perfect life - she and David have four children together and live in a mansion in Los Angeles (though they're rumoured to be returning to the UK).

Nonetheless, Victoria is rarely pictured smiling and is often thought to be grumpy - but as she remembers her time in the Spice Girls, it's clear that isn't the case.

She continues: "The things we used to get up to. We had a lot of fun. Even me! It turns out...can be quite a laugh.”

Victoria, 38, adds: "I was called Posh because I liked the nice restaurants, and the nice clothes, and that was my character.

"I didn’t smile, even in those days. There was this, there was this very strong image, very, very strong image.

"And I am very much that person, even now. Even now.

"I get ready to go out sometimes and I catch myself in the mirror and I’m like, 'Oh my God, I’ve turned into that person'.”

But Victoria's husband David seems keen to make it known that despite her harsh image, Victoria is a very "happy person".

David, 37, told This Morning: "She's very smiley at home! I'd prefer her to be smiley at home than the other way round, of course!

"But I think she's obviously had that perception for quite a few years now..."

He added: "She's a happy person, she's got a lot to be happy about. She's got four mazing kids, so she's definitely a happy person."

The Spice Girls documentary airs on ITV1 at 8:30pm on Christmas Eve.

by Esme Riley

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