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Victoria Pendleton eyes up Strictly Come Dancing

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 23 August 2012

Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton has registered her interest in the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing.

Victoria Pendleton eyes up Strictly Come Dancing

Victoria Pendleton


The 31-year-old, who won a gold and silver medal at the London games, would love to dress-up and get on stage for the competitive dancing programme.

When asked if she fancied appearing on the show, Victoria told Kate Thornton: "Well, I tell you what, if they do ring me I'd be very interested I have to say. The idea of being very glamorous, it definitely appeals to me.

"After wearing Lycra suits and tracksuits for so long and not a lot of make-up I think yeah that would be good fun."

Victoria has now retired from cycling and recently admitted she was excited to embrace her girly side.

She told The Sun: “I’m looking forward to feeling a bit more feminine.

“I haven’t worn a pair of heels in ages. I’ve stockpiled loads of lovely shoes and most of them have only been worn inside so far. Now I can dress like a girl again instead of wearing a men’s tracksuit every day.”

Victoria may have quit competitive cycling, but this doesn't mean she's just going to sit back and relax.

She said: "I'm retired from sport only I would just like to clarify, not entirely, I will have to get a proper job after this!

"The only other job I have had actually was pulling pints in my local pub in between university, sort of on holidays so I'm going to have to do a lot of work experience I think probably, watch this space - maybe we'll find out what I'll do quite soon."

by Esme Riley

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