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WATCH: Lady Gaga's bodyguard reacts violently to fan

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 17 August 2012

WATCH: Lady Gaga's bodyguard reacts violently to fan

Lady Gaga

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A video has been released that shows Lady Gaga’s bodyguard reacting very strongly when a fan suddenly approaches the singer for an autograph.

It appears that the fan was hoping to speak to the Born This Way singer, but his overenthusiastic tactics worried her bodyguard, who's seen slamming the man against the glass revolving doors of her hotel in Bucharest, Romania.

Wearing a typically kooky monochrome outfit, large black hat and sunglasses, Lady Gaga visibly flinches with surprise as her employee hurtles him away from her.

As she exits the lobby, he's left lying on the floor with his hands protecting his head.

Whether the fan over-stepped the mark or not, many have since commented on whether such force was strictly necessary to restrain him.

Lady Gaga’s bodyguards are most likely being extra vigilant due to the singer’s recent trouble with PETA.

The Fame singer has publicly come under fire from the animal welfare group for wearing fur coats - and PETA are known for carrying out physical attacks on celebrities.

Back in the March an activist for the charity covered Kim Kardashian in flour while on the red carpet for a charity event.

by Alison Potter