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WATCH Lindsay Lohan’s mum confronted in shocking interview

Alison Potter
By Alison Potter Published on 14 September 2012

WATCH Lindsay Lohan’s mum confronted in shocking interview

Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan’s personal troubles are well known and many believe that her legal and substance issues are partly the fault of her mother Dina Lohan.

Since Lindsay rose to fame as a child actress in The Parent Trap, Dina has been accused of capitalising on her daughter’s fame and personal struggles in order to launch her own career.

She even controversially brought in cameramen from entertainment show Entertainment Tonight to film her visiting Lindsay when the actress went into drug rehabilitation in 2007.

In an attempt to fight back at slurs and defend her parenting abilities, ‘momager’ Dina has given an interview to TV psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw.

But it’s clearly not the positive PR move that Lindsay’s mum was hoping for as she’s been attacked for her alarming conduct on the show.

Dina is seen slurring her words and crying during the erratic interview, unable to give coherent answers about the behaviour of the Mean Girls actress and her capabilities as a parent.

Dr. Phil tells her that she’s been called: “The worst mother in America, the worst parent ever.”

And the 49-year-old tearfully replies: “That’s so mean.”

Dina painfully squirms in her seat as the TV personality runs through the very long list of Lindsay’s arrests, convictions and court appearances, which have turned her into one of Hollywood's most notoriously troubled starlets.

Faced with accusations that the mother-of-three has exploited her children for her own gain, Dina lashes out at Dr. Phil: “Look at you, you're in your little tie and your little shoes....”

The no-nonsense talk show host angrily responds: “I'm in my little tie and my little shoes...what the hell does that mean?

“You have come on here being phony and flitting around.”

Dina defensively tells him: “I'm not flitting around. I'm being scrutinised by you people. Can I go home now?”

No doubt Lindsay, who is currently trying to revive her ailing career, will not be best pleased with her mother’s antics.

Especially as the interview highlights all the negative press that the actress has tried so very hard to put in the past.

The full interview is due to be screened on US TV on Monday 17th September.

Watch a preview of the Dr. Phil interview below:

by Alison Potter