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X Factor 2012 finalist caught "flirting" with Jodie Marsh

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 12 October 2012

Jodie Marsh is rumoured to have got her claws into shy X Factor hopeful James Arthur.

X Factor 2012 finalist caught "flirting" with Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh


The Essex bodybuilder has apparently been contacting 24-year-old singer James via video messaging service FaceTime.

And though James reportedly tried to keep his secret admirer under wraps, he was caught chatting to 33-year-old Jodie at 4am.

A show source told The Sun: “James came into the contest thinking he was this big ogre that girls would never fancy.

“But now he’s been caught red-handed flirting with one of Britain’s most famous glamour girls - and SHE has been coming on to him."

The heavily tattooed pair seem an odd match but have apparently been getting on "like a house on fire".

James recently broke up with his girlfriend, claiming it was "impossible" to maintain a relationship while he was on X Factor - and it seems he's rather enjoying the single life.

The talent contest appears to be boosting the former shy and retiring star's confidence and is giving him a lot of luck with the ladies.

Just last week, James apparently hooked up with Take Me Out glamour girl Chanelle McCleary, 20, on a night out in London's Whisky Mist.

A source said: “A lot of the girls from Take Me Out were at the club and when the X Factor lot came in, they pounced.

“But it was James that was all over this one girl. They were snogging each other’s faces off. They were still at it when most clubbers had left.

“They emerged looking sheepish at 4am then disappeared into the night.”

Well, he has got the geek chic thing going on...

by Esme Riley

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