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X Factor hopeful in Twitter war with Maria Fowler

Esme Riley
By Esme Riley Published on 25 September 2012

X Factor contestant Carolynne Poole has been arguing with former The Only Way Is Essex star Maria Fowler over fellow hopeful Kye Sones.

X Factor hopeful in Twitter war with Maria Fowler

Carolynne felt compelled to tweet glamour model Maria after she claimed she recognised chimney sweep Kye from years ago.

Maria tweeted during the programme this weekend: “Is this boy called Kye? i swear he used to message me on facebook about 6 years ago haha #Graft."

Another girl went on to make a similar claim - at which point Carolynne decided to step in and stick up for her friend, who's also competing in the 'over 28s' category of the show.

Carolynne wrote: “You wish #giveitarest.”

The pair then reportedly exchanged a number of vicious messages, with Maria even taking a stab at Carolynne's recent marriage break up.

She wrote: “Obviously a reason she is single at her age.”

She added: “What is your problem... ? i dont understand why you keep tweeting me? your a very strnge person??”

Maria continued in another tweet: "When u actually support someone on xfactor then they tweet shit like that to u... shame thought she seemed a nice girl.. not the way to act when u want to be a serious artist is it!"Seems like someones gone big time already and she aint even anywhere near the best in the comp #MUG."

Carolynne hit back: "@MariaFowler classy young woman! Xxx" and tagged Kye in the post.

The singers are said to have become close during their time on X Factor, though they both insist they're just friends.

And last night, a friend of Kye's denied he'd ever messaged Maria.

Furthermore, Kye showed his support for Carolynne this morning: “@CarolynnePoole: Is just a mate of mine!. Pure and simples. She's a top top girl & a great singer!"

by Esme Riley