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Beauty buy: Clarins limited edition Eau dynamisante

Victoria Turk
By Victoria Turk Published on 15 July 2012

What can make one of your old favourites even better? A bit of sparkle, of course!

Beauty buy: Clarins limited edition Eau dynamisante

It's the 25th anniversary of Clarins' now legendary scent, Eau dynamisante, and to dress up for the occasion the fragrance has taken on a twinkly shimmer.

Eau dynamisante is a citrusy fresh fragrance, and it's been around so long for a reason - Clarins have hit the jackpot with a spray that smells delish and also nourishes your skin.

Unlike most perfumes, it's designed to be lavishly spritzed all over your body, because the formula full of essential oils moisturizes and softens your skin.

Now it's got that extra sparkle, there's no further room for improvement. That's why every 3 minutes in the UK, a bottle of this loveliness is sold - impressive!

The shimmery version is a limited edition special, so hop to the shops!

Clarins 25th anniversary limited edition eau dynamisante
RRP: £29.00 (100 ml natural spray)
Available from

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