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Beauty buy: Stella McCartney print collection

Ursula Dewey
By Ursula Dewey Published on 26 April 2012

Stella McCartney always gives us something to covet - and the latest Stella shaped item on our wish list is her signature fragrance reincarnated as part of her runway inspired Print Collection.

Beauty buy: Stella McCartney print collection

Beauty buy: Stella McCartney print collection © =

This is our fave

No wait - this one is best

Aw - cute bumble bee!

This limited edition Print Collection features her fresh and feminine fragrance in different printed flacons - each design taken from her spring/summer 2012 designs.

It's the first time that Stella has matched her signature fragrance to her mainline collection - allowing us to get a slice of the runway for a fraction of the cost.
These dressing table worthy bottles are only £35.00 for 30ml - and the scent itself is just right for a summery change - with notes of rose, amber, peony and mandarin this floral fragrance is as on trend as can be - as floral prints have taken our wardrobes by storm.

All that's left to do is chose which beautiful bottle you prefer most... being a beauty addict is SO hard sometimes!

Stella McCartney The Print Collection
RRP: £35.00 for 30ml
Available from Debenhams Beauty Hall

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