4th month of pregnancy:
Weeks 13, 14, 15, 16

13th week of pregnancy

Week 13, Mum's health: The placenta is developing. It plays a major role for the embryo as it allows all the transfer between mother and child to take place. It filters nutrients and various substances, allowing some through and stopping others...

Week 13, baby: The embryo continues to develop. Its limbs are also well developed and the fingers are already distinguishable! But it's the head end in particular that becomes very important in relation to the rest of the body...

Week 13, advice: 50% of couples gradually stop having sex during pregnancy. Only 10% retain their usual level of activity from start to finish, yet doctors recommend a healthy sex life during pregnancy. There's no risk of hurting the baby...

14th week of pregnancy

Week 14, Mum's health: Do you cut the rind off cheese before eating or cooking it? You need to do so, because certain foods (including cheese rind) are not recommended because of the risk of contracting infections caused by...

Week 14, baby: The fetus weighs around 45g and is about 10cm long. Its arms, legs, hands and feet are very distinct. The nervous system is developed and the muscles are forming so the fetus begins to move. The movements are very small but quite sudden...

Week 14, advice: Being pregnant may entitle you to certain benefits such as Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), Maternity Allowance (MA), Surestart Maternity Grant, Health in Pregnancy Grant, Tax Credits, etc. Your entitlement to these benefits will depend on whether you work and if you do...

15th week of pregnancy

Week 15, Mum's health: Your body continues to go through certain changes. The mask of pregnancy (chloasma) generally occurs from the 4th month onwards. These dark marks that appear, which can make you look like you haven't washed properly, can form above the lips, on the chin, nose and/or forehead...

Week 15, baby: The fetus measures just under 12cm long. It still has 40cm to grow between now and the birth. The volume and weight of the fetus are increasing in particular. During the fourth month, the fetus will weigh around 60g and the weight will increase about 50-fold by birth...

Week 15, advice: When it comes to clothing, comfort is the keyword. The main point is not to squeeze your body into clothes that are too tight. During the first few weeks, you can still make do with your pre-pregnancy clothes, but over time you'll find that the choice becomes smaller...

16th week of pregnancy

Week 16, Mum's health: Even if you're eating well to nourish your body and your baby, pregnant women are advised to take certain dietary supplements to avoid deficiencies. These supplements can vary depending on the stage of pregnancy...

Week 16, baby: During the fourth month, the fetus' body is covered in a fine layer of downy hair known as lanugo. Some babies have more than others, and some even keep it for a few days after birth. The epidermis, the most superficial layer of the skin, is about to be formed...

Week 16, advice: Bladder infections (or urinary tract infections) are common during pregnancy (around 15% of pregnant women are affected), especially in the last trimester. A bladder infection occurs when urine, which is normally sterile...

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