6th month of pregnancy:
Weeks 21, 22, 23, 24

21th week of pregnancy

Week 21, Mum's health: You continue to get bigger and the top of your uterus reaches your belly button. Continue to control your weight; weight gain is often fairly slow during the first months of pregnancy. It increases towards the end of the fourth month onwards...

Week 21, baby: The fetus' five senses are developing more and more and already beginning to function, in some cases. Taste and smell develop quite early on, which is why the olfactory nerves begin to form from the 10th week of the fetus's development...

Week 21, advice: Pregnancy causes significant hormonal changes that can lead to anxiety and stress. It's important to remain vigilant. Stress has in-utero consequences and significantly increases the risk of premature birth...

22th week of pregnancy

Week 22, Mum's health: You'll be offered a routine scan around the 20th week of pregnancy. This will allow the doctor to look in detail at the baby's organs. If you wish, and if it's possible, you may find out baby's sex at this point...

Week 22, baby: During the fifth month, the fetus grows a lot. It's now 23cm long and weighs over 400g. Its sensory functions become more refined, particularly its sense of taste. The taste buds that correspond to specific sensory receptors become more mature...

Week 22, advice: Looking after your skin Looking after your breasts Under the effect of hormones, your bust will get bigger as your breasts prepare themselves for breastfeeding. You might go up by one or two cup sizes...

23th week of pregnancy

Week 23, Mum's health: To help with some of the symptoms associated with pregnancy, some women turn to alternative medicine. If you decide to try out homeopathy, watch out for preparations with alcohol-based mother tinctures (extracts of the original substances)...

Week 23, baby: The fetus' five senses are gradually developing. During the 5th month, it's highly likely that your baby is already aware of noises. The ears start to take shape at around 8 weeks. Next to the brain, a small bud will isolate itself and grow to make up the neurological elements of the inner ear...

Week 23, advice: Be careful not to gain too much weight! You may be having cravings, which are perfectly normal (even though doctors struggle to understand them), but pregnancy brings new emotions, which can sometimes lead to new eating habits...

24th week of pregnancy

Week 24, Mum's health: As pregnancy advances and your belly becomes rounder and heavier, many women complain of backache from the 6th month onwards, or even sooner. The pain generally occurs in the lower part of the back (near the kidneys) and is often due to poor posture...

Week 24, baby: The fetus weighs around 500g and is about 25cm long. By birth, its weight will have increased six-fold and its length two-fold. It will therefore put on another 2.5kg, or more, which shows how much bigger it will get in the space of just a few weeks...

Week 24, advice: Stay upright! - When standing, keep your feet parallel, relax your shoulders, lengthen your neck and tip your pelvis backwards so that your lower back is as straight as possible. - When sitting, place your legs parallel to the floor...

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