8th month of pregnancy:
Weeks 29, 30, 31, 32

29th week of pregnancy

Week 29, Mum's health: Some women are afraid of going into labour prematurely and some do show signs that indicate a risk of premature birth (which occurs before the 37th week of gestation i.e. 37 weeks since last menstrual period)...

Week 29, baby: Baby now weighs about 1 kilo, or maybe even a bit more. This means that in the space of just a few weeks, before your advancing due date, your baby's weight will increase around threefold! During this period...

Week 29, advice: The 3rd trimester isn't renowned for being a prime time for sex. You'll be increasingly tired, and although intercourse is still possible, it becomes more uncomfortable because of the size of your bump...

30th week of pregnancy

Week 30, Mum's health: If you wish, you can attend antenatal classes. NHS classes take place in a hospital or health centre whilst private classes are often held in less formal settings or at someone's home. You are encouraged to attend as many classes as possible...

Week 30, baby: Your baby's different organs are developing more and more, while their functions are becoming more specific every day. Even though there have recently been many discoveries about life inside the uterus (through the progress of biological analysis and ultrasound scans...

Week 30, advice: The weight of your bump can lead to an increase in lordosis, or excessive curvature of the lower back. This phenomenon, combined with weight gain and changes in hormone levels, can lead to compression...

31th week of pregnancy

Week 31, Mum's health: Your bump is getting rounder and rounder. A dark vertical line may appear under your navel; this is nothing to worry about and will disappear after birth. Under the influence of pregnancy hormones, all of your tissues, including cartilage and muscle tissue, become softer...

Week 31, baby: Baby's eyes are closed but the eyelids are about to open. Your baby can't see a lot in his/her rather dark environment. The retinas of the eyes begin to mature and will continue to do so right through to the end of your pregnancy and for a few weeks after birth as well...

Week 31, advice: Although it is recommended that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first six months following birth, preparing baby's room is still an exciting step. Start giving some thought now to how you're going to decorate it...

32th week of pregnancy

Week 32, Mum's health: The uterus presses and weighs on the bladder, which makes you want to go to the toilet frequently and may even lead to incontinence. If this is the case, you might feel like drinking less to avoid this kind of problem, but that 's not a good idea...

Week 32, baby: Your baby weighs about 1.5kg and is 40cm long. The brain continues to develop, and is protected in the cranium which isn't fully closed up yet. The skull is made up of many bones that join up little by little...

Week 32, advice: As the months pass, your bump becomes rounder and baby's arrival is imminent. It's best to get everything ready in advance so you can dedicate all your time to your baby when you come out of hospital....

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