14 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 14

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14 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 14

 - 14 weeks pregnant | Pregnancy week 14
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This week I received two very interesting letters. The first was from the health protection agency, it seems that the dreadful bug of doom e.g. the diarrhea and sickness that continued into the early stages of this week was due to a bacterium called Campylobacter.

The bacteria is basically from uncooked or undercooked poultry, unpasturised milk, contaminated water, pets or animals. Now I have been racking my brains to think what it may be from and how I caught and no one else did.

To be honest it could be a number of things, for instance I do cook chicken and am usually militant about washing hands etc but I wonder if perhaps I was distracted by the never ending chants from my son: “Mummy up, more milk, daddy and bubble,” that I just wasn’t concentrating and somehow gave myself this devil bug.

I also have to say I think I could pass any episode of ‘How clean is your kitchen?’ as I have cleaned, cleaned and cleaned again just in case something is lurking. I hope none of my friends are reading this and think they just might not pop round for a cuppa and a biscuit now!

Risk factor

The second letter I received today was from my midwife regarding my Downs screening. It turns out that I am low risk for my baby having Down’s syndrome. However this does not mean that low risk means no risk as the test is only 70% reliable and therefore it is never completely ruled out.

However my husband and I will love this baby whatever and therefore we do not want further testing. The test that is 100% accurate is a test called an Amniocentesis.

This is where a fine needle is passed through the mothers abdomen (using ultrasound to guide) into the amniotic fluid that surrounds the baby. Within the fluid are cells that contain the same chromosomes of the baby and therefore this sample can be checked for Down’s syndrome.

However this test does carry a high risk of miscarriage e.g. one test in every 100 will result in pregnancy loss. Therefore for us this is where we draw a line and accept our screening test results and look forward to meeting our Bean just the way he or she is!

Pregnancy back pain

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The downside to this week is that I have suffered greatly with sciatica. This is where the sciatica nerve in my back is getting trapped.

Backache is very common in pregnancy as ligaments are softer and stretch in preparation for labor and strain is put on joints.

I hurt my back when giving birth to my first, I won’t tell the horror story of my first lets just say I’m pretending it was very easy!

When I lost weight after having the baby it did start to ease but with pregnancy weight gaining slowly and my little boy getting heavier and still needing picking up when taking him for walks (honestly kids are like dogs you have to walk them at least once a day just to knacker them out) that my back is taking a real kicking.

When it catches me I cant put my right foot on the ground which obviously makes walking very hard and there have been times when I have tears streaming down my face as it is painful to walk. Naturally my one year old is not very forgiving if I don’t move quite as fast as he wants me to.

I think the answer is to get back to exercise which is easier said than done. Swimming, yoga or maybe physiotherapy just to get the right exercises to ease the symptoms of this horrible backache.

Rollercoaster belly flips

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The best thing about this week in this pregnancy is that I’ve started to feel Bean moving around.

It tends to be in the evening when I’m relaxing after my first child is in bed, the dishwasher is emptied, clean clothes have been folded and put away, and dinner has been cooked and tidied away, that I feel Bean bouncing around. It’s very difficult to explain how it feels.

It's almost as though I’m on a rollercoaster and my stomach does little flips, not the kind of roller coaster where your screaming your head off, but the kind that makes you feel like your money wasn’t that well spent e.g. the one with no height restriction!

I do love feeling Bean move and it just reminds me that there will be another baby tearing the place up and making me tired but also making me the happiest I ever thought possible.

Especially when we are all snuggled up on the sofa in the hour before bed, reading or watching a children’s film and smelling my little ones heads and knowing that the sciatica and stretch marks were all well worth it!

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