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Not enough hours in the day? web series: view all the episodes

By Marion.Bourgeois Published on 27 June 2011

An exclusive web series : Not enough hours in the day

Every month you will be able to follow the adventures of 30 year old, Mary. She’s just like us! Active, independent and doing her best to live the good life… and of course, Mary often struggles to find time to exercise. Thanks to Sandrine (Mary’s fairy coach-mother) , she’s learning how to make a few small changes to her daily routine and some simple exercises to tone up and feel better without too much effort – check out her progress and you too see some impressive results.

8th episode:

Marie's secrets for getting back in shape after the party season7th episode:

How to stay in shape while enjoying the company of your friends6th episode:

Marie’s tips for staying in shape while working!
5th episode:

Travelling becomes the ideal opportunity to stay in shape... Marie shows you how!
4th episode:

Discover some fun exercises to get you in shape while doing the housework!
3rd episode:

Shopping with Marie is a sport... with no holds barred!
2nd episode:

Marie shows you how to enjoy spending time with your little monsters while taking care of yourself..

1st episode:

Marie invites you to a cookery lesson like no other...

by Marion.Bourgeois