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Beauty buy: Pretty Hands Exfoliant

Abby Driver
By Abby Driver Published on 16 August 2012

Exoliating your hands might seem like a beauty step too far until you think about what they go through every day, then you realise that they deserve some TLC too!

Beauty buy Pretty Hands Exfoliant

pretty hands exfoliant Pretty hands exfoliant is just the ticket for super soft hands - it uses molecular friction technology to gently exfoliate away dry skin.

The formula uses Magnesium Aluminium Silicate to create a microscopic 'honeycomb' within the cream which contains waxes within it.

Then once the cream is massaged in, the molecular friction technology breaks down the honeycomb structure which then releases the waxes that gently exofilate. Pretty nifty for a hand exfoliater eh?

So simply give it a shake, rub into your hands until dry and: ta-da, lovely silky smooth hands as easy as that.

Pretty Hands Exfoliant

RRP: £5.99
Available from Boots

by Abby Driver

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