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This Model Went Partially Blind After Tattooing Her EYE

By Helen Turnbull Published on 1 October 2017

Tattoos are painful at the best of times but can you imagine what it takes to have someone inject ink directly into your eyeball? No, me neither and I'd never be willing to try it to find out but Catt Gallinger was and it's cost her her 20/20 vision.

Warning: Graphic imagery

Tattoo trends come and go but this latest one needs to be taken out to the trash and left to rot there forever as it's taking people's precious eyesight from them. That's the painful and tragic reality for Catt Gallinger who's been left partially blind after having her eyeball tattooed - an experience she's documenting on Facebook in order to warn others of the dangers of this procedure.

Catt, a tattoo and body modification model from Ottawa, Canada, recently agreed to have a scleral tattoo - a process which involves having tattoo ink injected directly into the white of your eye to change its colour. Instead, she's been left with partial vision in the eye in question.

The 24 year old has taken to Facebook in recent weeks to share her story and provide video updates on her recovery to warn others considering the procedure not to risk it. In one clip, she tearfully tells viewers: "Don't risk it, don't risk it. I took my eyesight for granted and trusted someone who I shouldn't have."


In another, Catt points the finger at the person who carried out the procedure, someone, she says, "told me they were experienced" and whom she names as 'Eric Brown'. However, she also blames herself for one believing him and two for giving into his repeated requests to do the job.

She first noticed something was wrong when the purple dye began seeping out of her eye, prompting her to seek medical attention but after her first visit to hospital, it got worse with her vision becoming blurry and the area irritated. Explaining the consequences of the inking, she wrote: "As it stands, it has been agreed by both doctors and the surgeon that my eyesight will NOT get better. It will either go completely or stay a blurry mess. There is hemorrhage and sclera tearing from the size of needle used, depth and amount of ink. They are also concerned that the equipment was not sterile and that there is an infection stuck in with the excess ink," in one post.

She's currently on medication and seeing a series of specialists but remains in constant pain which is sometimes excoriating. "It feels like having things stabbed in it again," she says in her latest video update. As a result of this botched body-modification job, Catt's been forced to give up modelling - a decision she's understandably not taken lightly, telling watchers: "That was something that brought me a lot of joy. And it's something that brought me out of my shell originally "

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