Amy Childs - Quiz: Which TOWIE girl are you?

Quiz: which TOWIE girl are you?
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Amy Childs


Amy Childs © Rex - Amy Childs
Amy Childs © Rex
You're Amy Childs

Don’t! Shut uuuuup! You work hard and you play hard too. Though you love a good night out, you’ve always got your mind on your own personal projects. You may not seem to be the brightest spark but you're business savvy in your own way.

You’re likely to be the leader of your own little clique. You like to think of yourself as an independent woman and you please yourself first and foremost, your friends respect that about you.

You're a princess. Appearance is everything to you and you put heroic efforts into looking reem.

Some people think it's oompa loompa orange but actually pink is your favourite colour and no outfit would be complete without a nod to the most girliest of shades (and a face full fo slap).

You like to try new things and you're a bit of a trend setter, still you give into peer pressure pretty quickly but you’re not above pushing others into things they’re not sure about if you think they’ll look/feel better for it.

You get on pretty well with other girls but boys tend to like you more initially. You’re unlikely to take sides in an argument that doesn’t directly concern you but once you’re involved you don’t take any prisoners.

You’re not keen on confrontation but you can stick up for yourself if someone crosses you. You're a lot tougher than people think - you can't be a wimp and still have regular vajazzales!



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