Most men believe in love at first sight

Angus, 38, and Alexa, 37 from Devon


Love at first sight - Angus, 38, and Alexa, 37 from Devon
Love at first sight
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Alexa won't mind me saying this, she was a massive player at university. She was known as The Heart Breaker.

She was the only girl I knew who could have a fling with someone, move onto the next and no-one ever called her a sl*g. Ex's defended her honour as much as one night stands. Everyone loved her - even other women. She was a girl's girl really.

But she was also a party girl and she knew how to have fun but unlike most other women I knew, she never got caught up in it. She was up for a bit of fun, nothing serious and for that reason I thought she'd be perfect for me.

I had more than my fair share of fun too - I always got what I wanted and obviously so did Alexa. Match made in heaven, I thought. God, I was full of myself!

Sure enough, we hooked up. Alexa looked like Giselle - 6ft, stunning face, gorgeous body, boobs to die for. We were like celebrities on campus.

At first it was just casual but slowly we started to date properly. My friends thought I was crazy but she was an amazing girlfriend - faithful, loyal, generous, funny, everything you'd want but wouldn't expect from a girl like Alexa.

Then out of the blue, she dumped me.

I didn't expect to care but it was like the bottom had fallen out of my world. True, she was the first girl to ever break up with me, but shallow as I was at the time, I realised I was totally in love with her.

I launched an all out offensive to get her back. I tried making her jealous, I bought her gifts, proclaimed my undying love... I even serenaded her. I'm so glad YouTube wasn't around back then!

She left me hanging for two months then took me back, casually telling me that she loved me too and she just wanted to make sure I was serious!

We married after five years together and we've got four kids.


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