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Keep your hair on: Regaine for men

By The editorial team Published on 28 January 2011

It's official. Men are obsessed with losing their hair. According to a survey by Regaine, men worry more about losing their hair than finding a long term partner or even being made bankrupt.

Keep your hair on

bald man © SIPA As women, the thought of losing our hair is unimaginably horrible, but why should it be any different for men? Prince William's bald spot, Jame Nesbitt's hair surgery and Gordon Ramsey's receeding hair line have all put baldness in the spotlight lately. And increasinlg, men seem more prepared to do something about it.

So how does losing their hair really affect men? According to Regaine's survey, a quarter of men think that going bald could affect their career progression, and two thirds thought baldness could ruin their chances with the ladies (as if we'd be so superficial)!

harry hill © Rex Features Of course not every head looks great hairless, so luckily Regaine's have launched the only over the counter foam that's proven to keep hair loss at bay. Regaine for Men can maintain and even promote regrowth of thinning or receeding hair.

So, if you prefer your man with more hair than skin, then introduce him to this super strength foam by Regaine to stop him from turning into Harry Hill.

Clinically proven to stop men's hair loss, Regaine foam should be used twice a day. Results aren't instant but after 18 weeks hair should be thicker and fuller. Just remind him that patience is a virtue and so is a full head of hair.

Available from £34.95 from Boots.com

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