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Revealed- what modern men really think

Ursula Dewey
By Ursula Dewey Published on 29 July 2010

A new survey by AskMen has revealed the results of its Great Male Survey on the modern man, and it turns out he’s the kind of guy we’d just love to date.

Before you despair at the amount of selfish, good-for-nothing cheaters there have been lately with even the most innocent-looking lads turning out to be lousy love rats (yes we mean you Mark Owen), then after reading this your hope may be restored.

The Great Male Survey by Ask Men UK is the largest lifestyle survey of British men, with over 7000 men questioned about love, relationships and values, shockingly the results prove that men aren’t all b*****ds as commonly believed.

It turns out that 67% of men would take a male birth control pill if it became available.
AskMen UK say that ‘this could mark a shift in male attitudes towards relationships, where men take on a bigger responsibility’.

Of course, the male pill could also mean that they’d be freer to play the field, but we like to believe otherwise.

Further poking and prodding revealed additional insights into the everyday man, supporting the belief that the battle of the sexes has indeed resulted in a draw.

For example, over 90% of UK men would not care if their partner earned a higher income than them, which suggests that notions of gender-based based roles and responsibilities are fading.

Also according to the findings 63% of the men questioned actually find cooking at home an enjoyable activity and hold a loving family as the ultimate male status symbol, (towering over the need of a sports car, exclusive club membership or expensive house). We can’t quite believe it either!

Proving that lad culture has truly been laid to rest, is the fact that 78% men surveyed would not cheat on their partners even if there was no chance of them finding out and over 70% would opt for a natural women as opposed to the cosmetically enhanced.

It seems that times are changing, and the modern man certainly has some interesting opinions that we can agree with.

Andrew Lubega the Editor of AskMen UK concludes that lad culture is a dying phenomenon, saying ‘Men are more in touch with their feelings and are more content with being valued fathers, partners and friends as opposed to the previously held archetype.’

So now we know these men exist we only have one question - where can we find them?!

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