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Men still do the dirty work

Published on 7 April 2011

According to a survey by Ocado men and women are still arguing about the household chores above anything else. Men are still doing the dirty work jobs like changing the light bulbs, taking out the rubbish and doing DIY, but women are lumbered with the everyday grime fighting from washing dishes to dusting.

Men still do the dirty work

chores © Goodshoot For most women, this is no great shock to the system, after all, making a man do the ironing, the washing or clean the oven can be a challenge to say the least.

Ocado carried out the survey to coincide with the launch of their new range of household cleaning products, and there were some interesting results.

Unsurprisingly 43 per cent of those polled admitted to having at least five chore-related rows per week, 8 per cent admitted to 10 fights, while 3 per cent said household chores led to more than 20 arguments. A shocking one per cent said they squabbled about regular chores more than 50 times a week. Yikes.

When quizzed if they had considered their partners' 'level of tidiness' before choosing them as a potential 'life partner', 22 per cent of respondents stated that their other half had to be tidy or they would leave them. With stats like these it could be time for untidy men to listen up.

A little bit of housework goes a long way in a relationship!