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New Projects for Avril Lavigne

New Projects for Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne

Canadian singer Avril Lavigne is developing her talents in another area, making her cinematic debut in September.

According to MTV, the young star stayed true to her media image even when filming, as members of the crew have commented that she did not smile much, and was not overly polite.

Lavigne started her acting career with a part in the movie Hedge and is hoping to be able to carry on in this direction.  She said: "Since this film I've worked in two other films, 'Fast Food Nation' and I have a scene in 'The Flock,' " she explained, sitting up in her chair. "It's exciting."

Her new projects see her spreading herself à la J-Lo and Madonna over several different media.  No longer just a pop music icon, she is set to diversify is Fast Food Nation, based on controversial accusations made against the Fast food industry, does well in the box offices.

Lavigne believes that Nation was an excellent film, which also starred Ethan Hawke and Greg Kinnear.  It will be in cinemas at the end of the year. 

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