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P Diddy New Spokesperson for Pepsi

P Diddy New Spokesperson for Pepsi - P. Diddy

Singer P Diddy is to become the new spokesperson for Diet Pepsi.

In a 30 second ad, P Diddy is to star alongside former supermodel Cindy Crawford and Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria.

The commercial portrays the rap mogul heading to an awards show when his car breaks down. He hitches a lift on a Pepsi truck and arrives at the red carpet, leaving the paparazzi in awe of his new wheels.p>

Neither Pepsi nor Combs' rep have commented, but the New York Post reports that the advert will debut at the Super Bowl, on 6 Februaury.

This is an advertising first for Combs, whose previous endorsements have been for his personal enterprises, which incude Bad Boy Entertainment, Sean Jean clothing and two restaurants.

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