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Lindsay and Paris party on

06/07/2007 14:53:00
Lindsay and Paris party on - Lindsay Lohan
Published by sarahsofem

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan attended the same Fourth of July beach party on Wednesday (04.07.07).

The pair - renowned for their past disagreements - were reportedly friendly when they bumped into one another at the plush $30 million Polaroid Beach House on Malibu Beach, but did not spend much time partying together.

Lindsay arrived at the beach at 2pm with her mother Dina, sister Ali and brother Dakota before Paris arrived three hours later wearing a Blue print floral dress. Paris - who has her own beach house just two houses down from the party - reportedly looked relaxed after her post-jail vacation in Maui.

Lindsay wore a white bikini top and denim shorts as she took a beach stroll with Dina, before spending the rest of the party with her family on the second-floor balcony overlooking the star-studded party.

While Paris and Lindsay did not have much to do with one another, a friend claimed: "Paris has decided to give Lindsay another chance. In the past, if one of her friends didn't like Lindsay, then Paris wouldn't like Lindsay. But that's over now."

Paris and Lindsay fell out last year when they both dated Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos.

Other guests at the party included Jared Leto, Dave Navarro, Jason Silverman, Jason Statham and Jeremy Piven.

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