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Kelly Osbourne slams skinny celebrities

04/09/2007 10:13:00
Kelly Osbourne slams skinny celebrities - Kelly Osbourne
Published by chereesofem

Kelly Osbourne has slammed skinny celebrities - saying they look like they've just come out of Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz.

The outspoken star insists the only way you can become a size zero is by developing an eating disorder and starving yourself to within an inch of your life.

Kelly - famed for her curvy figure - told Britain's Star magazine: "I just get depressed in Los Angeles. Because I'M not a size zero and tanned and blonde I get scrutinised.

"But I wouldn't want to be so skinny. I feel sorry for the girls who aspire to be size zero. It's OK to be different. I don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with making themselves a clone.

"Everyone has become a sheep. These girls don't eat, stick their fingers down their throats and do loads of speed - they're killing themselves and for what? Their own vanity! It's sad. I don't think there's anything trendy about looking like you've just come out of Auschwitz."

Kelly - who is set to star in the West End version of hit musical 'Chicago' - also hit out at the "sickening" trend to go out without knickers on.

She insists she would never degrade herself in the way Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have done in the past, by publicly flashing her private parts.

She added: "It baffles me. I can't even wear a thong. I always have to have my granny knickers on. I don't understand the whole no knicker-wearing trend. It's a bit sickening, but that's how desperate people are for attention. Instead of going out and doing something good, they'd rather show their vaginas to the world."

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