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Chash fine tea - drinking fine tea is a luxury again

Anna-Belle Woollcott
By Anna-Belle Woollcott Published on 3 February 2011

We're not shy about our love for fine tea at Sofeminine. Quite frankly it fuels this office - we run off a good cup of a cha. Well... what we thought was a good cup of cha.

Just like the majority of British tea drinkers, we've grown slack in our appreciation of the good stuff. We've learned to accept a mediocre cup of tea rather than expect an exceptionally fine tea.

Then we discovered Chash - The Fine Tea Company and it was like discovering sunlight after a long winter.

Chash work on the principle that like a good wine, the taste of tea can be influenced by the plant, the farming, the climate and the production. Thousands of years ago tea was a luxury product that only the lucky few could afford. Quality was high and fine tea consumers from around the world were revered as connoisseurs.

Tea was lovingly made in a pot - itself a ritual before the enjoyment of elegantly sipping a fine tea from even finer china.

Nowadays the tea we drink, smooshed up and encased in its little joyless bag, is more akin to a kebab than a fine wine. How has it come to this?

And we didn't even notice!

We were sent a selection of tea's from Chash to try and now we feel spoiled. Each wonderfully fragrant and delightful infusion had us gasping in delight. It was tea Jim, but not as we knew it.

Buy Chash Fine Teas

Chash sells fine black tea, tisanes (herbal blend teas), flowering tea, oolong tea and Pu’ Erh teas, and green tea from £4.24 for 100g

Our absolute favourites were creamy Earl Grey, English Breakfast Blend Orthodox and the incredible tasting Ayurvedic Balance Stimulating tea.

Buy Chash Tea direct from the Chash fine tea website. You'll never want tea in a bag again!

Essentials for good tea

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Long Handled Tea Strainer & Caddy Set - £60 - Fortnum & Mason

Denby Imperial Blue Large Teapot 1 - £50 - Amazon

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by Anna-Belle Woollcott

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