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Pancake day 2013

By The editorial team Published on 23 February 2011

When is pancake day 2013 again?! As if you could ever forget! Have you got your pancake recipe ready? Do you even know how to make pancakes?

This year pancake day 2013 is on Tuesday, 12th February!

Get your eggs, milk and flour at the ready. Stock up on the lemon, sugar and maple syrup (and Nutella, bananas and ice-cream if you're that way inclined).

We've searched out some amazing pancake recipes for you with both sweet and savoury pancake fillings. Yummy! Pancake day 2013 is going to be fantastic!

What's more we're not just content with any old an ordinary Brirish pancake recipe, we've going to be trying an American pancake recipe and a Scotch pancake recipe and we're even having a go at vegan pancakes.

Whether you're a lemon and sugar girl or you're more into maple syrup and ice-cream, there is definately something to tickle your taste buds! Who doesn't like pancakes after all?!

Happy pancake day 2013 everyone!

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