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When is pancake day?

By The editorial team Published on 4 January 2011

Want to know when is pancake day this year?

Pancake day is on "Shrove Tuesday", as it's based on when Easter falls in the Christian calendar it can be anywhere between 3th February and 9th March.

Here are all the dates for pancake day for the next 20years. So you never have to miss it...

When is pancake day this year?

2011 — 8 March

2018 — 13 February

2025 — 4 March

2012 — 21 February

2019 — 5 March

2026 — 17 February

2013 — 12 February

2020 — 25 February

2027 — 9 February

2014 — 4 March

2021 — 16 February

2028 — 29 February

2015 — 17 February

2022 — 1 March

2029 — 13 February

2016 — 9 February

2023 — 21 February

2030 — 5 March

2017 — 28 February

2024 — 13 February

2031 — 25 February

What is pancake day?

Shrove Tuesday is a Christian festival that marks the beginning of Lent (the 40 week days from Ash Wednesday until Easter, the forty days and forty nights Jesus spent in the desert).

Traditionally, pancakes were allowed to be made between the ringing of a curfew bell in the morning of Shrove Tuesday and its ringing again that evening.

Pancakes were made to use up all luxuries such as milk, eggs, fat and any leftovers that could not be eaten during the Lent fast and would otherwise go bad.

It is also traditionally the last day of shrovetide, the English equivalent of the European Carnival tradition.

Today Shrove Tuesday is better known as Pancake Day in the UK and some other English speaking nations and is celebrated as a secular festival too.

Even non-religious Brits still try and give things such as chocolate and sweets up for Lent these days. All the more reason to enjoy Shrove Tuesday and pancake day!

In the Netherlands they hold pancake day on the Friday before.

Pancake day traditions

It's said that as far back as 1445, English villages have been holding annual pancake races. The story goes that a women from Olney in Buckinghamshire, fearful of being late to church, raced out of her house to church still clutching her frying pan when she heard the church bell tolling...

The practice of holding pancake day races, usually with female participants, has not altogether died out. The winner is the first person across the finish line who has performed the requiste amount of pancake tosses across the distance.

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