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Create a blog!

New post
You can make unlimited posts. Just enter a title for your post, then go into our HTML editor to type your text. You can use the HTML editor to enlarge key words, highlight text, use italics, change the colour of your text and insert hypertext links. If you don’t want your post to go online immediately, untick the “Online” box (you can save your changes, come back and put it online at a later date). You can also upload photos or videos in your posts, whether they’re taken with a digital camera, camcorder, mobile phone or webcam.

Video post
This feature allows you to upload a video clip to your blog, either saved on your computer or directly from your webcam:

1/ If your video is already saved on your computer: Select where you want to post the video in your blog and click “Browse”. Once it’s in place, click “Save” to post your video online. Maximum video size 150 MB.

2/ If you want to add a video directly from your webcam: Tick the webcam option on the left and the page will automatically detect your webcam. Once it’s detected, you can start recording (you can stop and re-record as many times as you like). When you’re happy with it, click “Save” to post it straight online.

Change the title or options
In “Change title and options” you can change the title and description, enable and disable comments on your blog. Once you’ve made any changes, click “Save” to update your blog.

Choose a category for your blog
Choose an appropriate category from one of the many listed so that other users can find your blog more easily, and click “Save”. You can change the category at any time by going to “Choose a category for my blog”.

List your favourite blogs
Share your favourite blogs and promote your friends’ blogs by compiling a list of your top blogs. Enter the blogger’s username in the empty field

Your favourite blogs will appear in the menu to the left of your blog.

Customise your blog
Customise your blog with our fun and stylish backgrounds. You can change yours at any time by clicking on “Backgrounds” in the menu at the top right of the page.

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