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Blogs with the theme "Humour"
Humour Blogs of the Day

A Fairytale
by katy276

Once agin?
by hydrogenmotor1

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Blogs with the theme Humour :UsernameArticlesLatest update
House Poulettehousepoulette613 April at 10:53

Botox Before & Afterroseanneb130 March at 18:29

Starting point......1annamarie121128 May at 21:01

The Fabulous and Not-So-Fabulous Life Of Me :)cjc0837 November at 23:30

A lot or nothingssolana91923 November at 13:11

Modern Reflexive Feminitythethirdwoman131 October at 17:40

What Woman Really Want?????christine4958115 September at 19:02

An aspiring happy young woman2lys212 September at 16:30

Trapped in a stranger's bodytrappedinfat223 August at 0:50

COSMETIC SURGERY GONE WRONGkate152517 July at 14:33

Ultra_violetblushvioletblush114 November at 8:01

Rewriting my story.beautifulmal111 May at 6:33

My life as a fairy talelilpiper1107220 March at 17:45

Some of the stories I came across.....teejoe119 February at 12:19

Disneyland or bust!heavenlee48117 January at 20:53

.Randomfeenix3526 November at 19:45

Once agin?hydrogenmotor1222 February at 5:43

A Fairytalekaty276514 October at 16:21

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