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Paradise is where I am! :)
by princesite

Will anyone actually be interested in my life?!
by laurap36

2011 Diary of hopes and dreams
by always4ever

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Blogs with the theme Your World :UsernameArticlesLatest update
MissyJ's precious moments & little thoughts...missyjolie111 November at 16:48

Lost in transitharmony196912 November at 11:55

Thoughts from PenguinGirlpenguingirl716 October at 1:15

SO YOU THINK IT'S ALL OVERchristie239111 October at 15:06

Man Powderrysumm116 September at 5:05

'Cause I still believe in DeStiNY.. XDkia4ever11919 August at 18:08

What happened nextannclare130 June at 8:20

All about me !!!!!!michwitch127 June at 16:31

From skin to attirewaribee324 June at 16:53

Still waters run deep...lunasoleil5122 June at 18:14

ZENBLOGzenia3617 June at 18:18

Rhinoplasty help?sinoreta120 May at 20:09

Computersbelinda409110 May at 14:46

Theres always one thing you forgetmissyamykins25 May at 23:43

NO SMOKINGsuzeb112 April at 1:48

A woman in a mans worldohcecilia26 April at 13:45

There must be a world beyond housework!megomay119 March at 18:20

About meunderloved217 March at 1:49

Will anyone actually be interested in my life?!laurap36514 March at 13:40

The World At Our Feetnaturality1124 February at 14:20

Life with Ana, Mia & ED- My Eating Disordermelovechocolate104 February at 3:43

Yummy Mummy? - yeah right! xcarriefem24230 January at 19:14

A Diary of a very busy yearrsiobhan17 January at 22:26

Artist CARMEN LUNA lunadangel220 December at 20:47

Poin of view2pointy217 December at 12:32

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