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Bears, Babies and George!
by pennydavis

Little moments of my life
by campnll1

Enjoy your mind :)
by easygoing11

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Blogs with the theme Your World :UsernameArticlesLatest update
Poin of view2pointy217 December at 12:32

Can I Go Now?dramaqueen333422 November at 8:20

Humble Girl Conquers the World.wildpumpkin39 September at 1:19

I am hotsparky10128 September at 17:27

★♂滕王阁♀★tforever17 September at 14:41

If its TRUE then say it!! day by day xxxsophieb312925 July at 10:18

Operation Ecospygem10016 July at 17:23

*Letícia*barbiebr124 June at 0:15

How I spend my summerfluufydog123 June at 4:39

American Girl in Spainfairylyn122 June at 17:20

Paradise is where I am! :)princesite219 June at 17:35

Part of my crappy worldlilsunshine13513 June at 0:32

Just Megyarjem120 May at 13:44

My Lifeniki128137 May at 23:06

**Confessions of Chloe**chloesoleil11 May at 18:48

sexygirlhotdollaz430 April at 18:46

MT's roommyateener213 April at 23:20

No.7 playerxuyang310 April at 4:49

COMPLICATED DREAMERmissfreake17 April at 19:29

This is the only thing keeping me sane...julytwothousandandfive36 April at 20:13

My Life in Canadasashatz31 April at 18:08

Angel's Baby Mijamrssolis219 March at 8:08

Jazzyt007jazzyt00712 March at 17:29

A little about melovely41823 February at 17:07

BOWWOW IZ DA FIN3ST BOii U W!LL 3VA M33Tbow33zywif3y212 December at 22:50

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