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Blogs with the theme "Craft"
Craft Blogs of the Day

Tally's beaded rings
by cuckookoo

Look what we make
by felin17

My paintings
by popgoestheweasel

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Blogs with the theme Craft :UsernameArticlesLatest update
Wallboss Wall Stickerswallboss116 May at 1:13

Tailor made clothes for womendavid3692319 October at 9:13

AniQuaaniqua2012114 March at 14:52

Benefits of Scalar Eergy Pendantssmartoclark12 September at 9:07

Art Competitionartcompetition1229 July at 16:36

Photo on canvasinspirephoto1618 March at 9:32

Artisan hand made bracelets laureandco113 February at 19:28

HANDMADE JEWELLERY FOR SALEnkjjewellery11 July at 20:12

MY LAVA JEWELERY shanti7411217 January at 17:19

French créationssaphoba2022 June at 15:35

Look what we makefelin172222 February at 17:55

Tally's beaded ringscuckookoo2622 February at 15:03

My paintingspopgoestheweasel1022 February at 11:30

Being Creative...sixtyandlovingit8722 February at 11:06

PATCHWORKbabs139421 February at 16:29

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