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Sentimientos a Flor de Piel
By 6 Articles 13 May at 18:28

By 1 Articles 13 May at 12:18
How Big....!!

Miss Him!
By 1 Articles 12 May at 20:40
Hello everyone. First time blogger.

Boob blog
By 25 Articles 7 May at 18:27
Got an uplift without implant on 24/3, just thought I'd share my experiences with the world and provide some insight for those who are curious.

Breast Uplift with implant
By 1 Articles 5 May at 19:18
Hi im interested in having a breast lift with implaint but im terrified of the scarring as im mixed raced and dont want severe scaring ca n the BA be done another way without the anchor scarring...

Implant out 10 weeks ago and still no period
By 1 Articles 3 May at 22:30

So Long Granny Boobs!
By 6 Articles 1 May at 19:25
I have just had a lollipop lift by Mr Khan of Re-Shape Clinic and I would like to return the favour to all those people who helped me on this site throughout their boobie journey....


My surgical abortion
By 1 Articles 30 April at 15:50
I have read alot of these stories online, and my experience was no where near as horrific as the ones i read, if you searched 'my surgical abortion' on google, it must mean you are either having one...

By 1 Articles 23 April at 20:56
Education, travel, clture etc

By 4 Articles 23 April at 10:11
I had a full anchor lift on March 30th, 2011 as I had lost a lot of weight (4.5 stone) and was left with a lot of loose skin. I had a tummy tuck in 2007, but still felt like having...

Eggs Needed but can help others needing Sperm Donor
By 1 Articles 21 April at 20:18
Hi my name is Debbie and my partner's name is Lee we have been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby of our very own for over four years we have gone threw all the doctors appointments...

By 1 Articles 20 April at 11:23

By 2 Articles 19 April at 20:44

Tarot - weekly readings
By 2 Articles 18 April at 14:04
A free weekly Tarot card reading from tarotfairy and other card readings.

Life as you no it confusing
By 1 Articles 17 April at 15:07
The problems i am having and the things i have to overcome

Countdown to new me
By 1 Articles 16 April at 15:56
Cant w8 to have my new boobies!

By 1 Articles 13 April at 22:42
My blog is about searching for the following: Someone to share my life with Find a new job Losing weight

400cc unders
By 1 Articles 13 April at 17:24
Hi just wondering if any1 out there can help me, i went to see my surgeon for a consultation last week and hes suggested that i should have 400cc under the muscle. just wondering if...

Sperm donor needed manchester
By 1 Articles 12 April at 21:00
Hi, I am a gay female who has been with her partner for 8 years and married for nearly 2 years. We are looking to start a family and we both want to have a children. We are looking...

The highs and lows of pregnancy
By 3 Articles 12 April at 0:37
I write about my experience of being pregnant for the first time and capture the good times and the bad. It's a journey.

Rosewilly's cambridge diet blog
By 1 Articles 8 April at 16:20
An account of how im doing on the Cambridge Diet plan

By 1 Articles 6 April at 21:46
We are looking for egg donors in the Cumbria area. I am 37 and my husband is 40. I am a teacher and my husband is an electrical engineer. We have tried IVF and want to try again with...

By 1 Articles 4 April at 19:13
My ba journey

Ultimo bra
By 1 Articles 3 April at 11:56
ultimo bra We are the UK No1 for Ultimo Bras. We cherry pick the very best from the range of Ultimo Bras, and bring them to you. They are all proven,gel filled bras If you are looking...

I had Vaserlipo on my thighs, Golborne Place (Ladbroke Grove)
By 1 Articles 2 April at 21:09
The best treatment I have ever done. Saved me years at the gym! The professional team, relaxed and confident, the results, quick, minimum pain, and 10 cms off my thighs one month after...

Celebrity fitness - gossip
By 1 Articles 26 March at 22:56
Celebrity fitness - gossip

Ultimo bras
By 1 Articles 24 March at 4:40
ultimo bras We are the UK No1 for Ultimo Bras. We cherry pick the very best from the range of Ultimo Bras, and bring them to you. They are all proven,gel filled bras If you are looking...

Maple Syrup Diet here I come!Day 1
By 1 Articles 22 March at 13:53
The diary of my maple syrup diet

Best Makeup for Oily Skin
By 1 Articles 21 March at 20:42
Finally - a blog dedicated to makeup oily skin! It seems that so many products on the market are geared toward those with dry skin, and those designed for oily skin rarely work. Here...

2011 Diary of hopes and dreams
By 7 Articles 20 March at 18:33
One 24yr olds up and downs, baby hopes and daydreams.

Should i have a boob job
By 4 Articles 19 March at 19:06
Well read the title x ask n i tell xx

Rhinoplasty with Dr Solomos at Highgate...
By 2 Articles 16 March at 22:39

Skinny girl trapped in a fat girls body
By 1 Articles 16 March at 22:39

Ultimo bras
By 1 Articles 15 March at 19:11
ultimo bras We are the UK No1 for Ultimo Bras. We cherry pick the very best from the range of Ultimo Bras, and bring them to you.

Vaser lipo
By 2 Articles 15 March at 17:23
Vaser lipo

Desi girl's beauty blog
By 2 Articles 14 March at 22:57
Well, working as a professional wordsmith, I don't often get to write for pleasure. So I see this as my outlet for my interests and general musings about about beauty, lifestyle and much more...

Mistakes, Misdemeanours and Miss Complicated
By 9 Articles 14 March at 0:11
I love writing, I love romance; why not combine the two? A not so secret diary of a second year student, experiencing love, sex and everything in between.

Panache atlantis
By 1 Articles 10 March at 13:24
Panache-Atlantis We are the UK No1 for Ultimo Bras. We cherry pick the very best from the range of Ultimo Bras,

Patient Co-ordinator jobs! Please help!
By 1 Articles 9 March at 0:32
Hey, I'm a makeup artist from London and have always wanted to work in the cosmetic surgery field as a 'Patient Co-ordinator'. Due to my line of work I've been able to work in almost...

Fashion Items I Simply Can't Live Without!
By 1 Articles 7 March at 21:31
So I'm a massive fashion fanatic and I thought I'd share some of the fashion items that I can't live without!

Desperately looking for a young donor egg
By 1 Articles 7 March at 19:40
Hi My partner and I are longing for a young woman with dark hair, brown eyes, high cheek bones to donate they're eggs. I had to have a bone marrow transplant 2 years ago and due to...

Cosmetic Surgery Overseas
By 1 Articles 4 March at 23:19
Hi I just want to share my experince with having a Breast Augmentation in Thailand and for those that may be thinking of the same can ask me question either on the page or send me an email...

Atlantis gel bra
By 1 Articles 3 March at 8:39
atlantis gel bra We are the UK No1 for Ultimo Bras. We cherry pick the very best from the range of Ultimo Bras, and bring them to you.

By 3 Articles 2 March at 19:23
My struggle with infertility, and my weight

By 1 Articles 1 March at 23:42

St moritz tan review
By 1 Articles 1 March at 22:43
Just a quick review

By 6 Articles 1 March at 8:29

By 1 Articles 23 February at 20:37
Old enough to decide

Liposuction/ Vaser / Advanced Laser Lipolysis
By 2 Articles 23 February at 20:01
Confused... please help, all advice welcome. I am really keen to do something about fatty deposits on my legs and flanks but, the more I look into liposuction the more confused I get...

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