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Fashion Puppets
By 1 Articles 6 July at 22:36
Ever since I could read I’ve been reading magazines, but I’m starting to understand that all beauty magazines seem to assume that I’m an idiot and that all news magazines seem to assume that I’m a man...

Language Of Fashion Colors
By 1 Articles 28 June at 13:46
Language Of Fashion Colors

Life's Good
By 1 Articles 24 June at 11:04
Life's about changes from time to time. Surprises, sadness, life likely to be so wonderful when I keep mind open. That's my life.

Vaser lipo on legs - Dr Bassi, Selston
By 1 Articles 23 June at 14:06
Vaser Lipo - inner knee, thigh and outer thighs

By 1 Articles 22 June at 21:37

Confused about sex
By 1 Articles 22 June at 15:42
Hi all I run a hypnotherapists clinic in Surrey and recently have been dealing with several famale clients who are confused about sex or not able to enjoy this most natural form of pleasure and relaxation...

Egg donation
By 1 Articles 19 June at 14:37
Hello my name is michelle and my partner is called glenn we have been trying for a baby for a couple of years and un able to aford ivf and was wondering if there would be anyone to...

Should i have my boobs done?
By 1 Articles 16 June at 12:21
Ive wanted my breasts done for a while now, ive made the move and booked a consultation with MYA. any ideas or infomation from anybody out there.. im very unsure about it all and need some help...

Jane's blog
By 57 Articles 16 June at 6:55
Will discuss that interests me

By 1 Articles 14 June at 11:18
Holiday Tanning

Stay at home mom to be
By 1 Articles 13 June at 21:58
About to embark on a new challenge - giving up a career after 12 years and 2 children. The third is on its way and its time for a change, time for some sanity in our house, time to...

Boob Job Blog
By 2 Articles 13 June at 21:20
Thinking about a Breast Augmentation...

A Day In My Life
By 251 Articles 11 June at 1:28
A quintessential look into a day in my life. I'm a crazy, sexy, cool, college chick with goals, dreams, and drama. Come read what's going on in my world!

Journey of Detox and Diets!
By 19 Articles 10 June at 16:00
This started as a lemon detox blog.....but i'm carrying it on when i do the cabbage soup diet as well!

Want to be a surrogate.. love to help make a family happy
By 1 Articles 2 June at 2:51
I have got a daughter already, not to give up but i would absoloutly love it if i could be a surrogate for you. check my profile i have some pictures up there, i am a single mum and...

By 55 Articles 30 May at 10:41

Uma Thurman On Trend For SS11 In Nijole Biker Jacket
By 1 Articles 28 May at 11:30
As one of the jury members at the Cannes Film Festival 2011, actress Uma Thurman was not just required to watch and judge the films in competition she was required, as we all know...

Breast reduction in Belgium
By 1 Articles 26 May at 21:18
Hi all This is my first time blogging,ever. I had a breast reduction and uplift on 13th April at the saint jozef hospital in Bornem,Belgium. For years i had been thinking about having...

Polycystic Ovaries
By 1 Articles 26 May at 18:52
I have just been diagnosed with Polycysic Ovaries and my partner has just been told after 2 years of fighting cancer he is infertile! We could cope with the fact he was infertile as...

New Boobs for summer! amazing surgeon Marcos Sforza
By 2 Articles 26 May at 14:10
I had my boobs done a few weeks ago now with Marcos Sforza at the hospital group.... soooo happy thanks to all the girls who helped me decide to go with him and the hospital group...

Journey to Happiness with Him
By 2 Articles 25 May at 17:37
Finally I found someone who I wanted to put my trust on. To begin our journey together to our own world. And this is what all about me and him. Love and lust. Fear and care. Trustworthy and jealousy...

By 2 Articles 24 May at 8:47
All about fashions.

By 1 Articles 23 May at 23:17
I am having a boob job this year but realy want t know about diferent implants n sizes n wot u think if youve had 1 xx

From here to domesticity
By 2 Articles 21 May at 4:42
How can one woman turn herself into a domestic goddess and real life angel? Who knows, but i'm sure as hell going to try

By 1 Articles 19 May at 15:20
Beauty is a characteristic of a person, animal, place, object, or idea that provides a perceptual experience of pleasure, meaning, or satisfaction. Read more: http://beauty-fame.blogspot...

Tummy Tuck 7 weeks post op. Dr Oelbrandt in Belgium
By 1 Articles 18 May at 13:27
Cosmetic Surgery abroad

Hilot Kung Fu Yoga Thérapie Massage Curative.
By 1 Articles 17 May at 7:57
Both “Kung - Fu & Yoga Therapy Massage” known as “ HILOT “. It's provide us the values of techniques by combining them as one. A traditional form of massage by applying the nature art of pressure points...

2 Weeks to go!
By 1 Articles 14 May at 23:31
The Ugly duckling that will hopfully turn into a swan :)

Sentimientos a Flor de Piel
By 6 Articles 13 May at 18:28

By 1 Articles 13 May at 12:18
How Big....!!

Miss Him!
By 1 Articles 12 May at 20:40
Hello everyone. First time blogger.

Boob blog
By 25 Articles 7 May at 18:27
Got an uplift without implant on 24/3, just thought I'd share my experiences with the world and provide some insight for those who are curious.

Breast Uplift with implant
By 1 Articles 5 May at 19:18
Hi im interested in having a breast lift with implaint but im terrified of the scarring as im mixed raced and dont want severe scaring ca n the BA be done another way without the anchor scarring...

Implant out 10 weeks ago and still no period
By 1 Articles 3 May at 22:30

So Long Granny Boobs!
By 6 Articles 1 May at 19:25
I have just had a lollipop lift by Mr Khan of Re-Shape Clinic and I would like to return the favour to all those people who helped me on this site throughout their boobie journey....

By 2 Articles 30 April at 21:24
Www.hairextensionaires.com www.hairextensionaires.com *********GET YOURSELF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL HAIR EVER!******* PLS GO TO THE SITE:- http://www.hairextensionaires.com/ FANCY LOOKING SUPERB...

My surgical abortion
By 1 Articles 30 April at 15:50
I have read alot of these stories online, and my experience was no where near as horrific as the ones i read, if you searched 'my surgical abortion' on google, it must mean you are either having one...

By 1 Articles 23 April at 20:56
Education, travel, clture etc

By 4 Articles 23 April at 10:11
I had a full anchor lift on March 30th, 2011 as I had lost a lot of weight (4.5 stone) and was left with a lot of loose skin. I had a tummy tuck in 2007, but still felt like having...

Eggs Needed but can help others needing Sperm Donor
By 1 Articles 21 April at 20:18
Hi my name is Debbie and my partner's name is Lee we have been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby of our very own for over four years we have gone threw all the doctors appointments...

By 1 Articles 20 April at 11:23

By 2 Articles 19 April at 20:44

Tarot - weekly readings
By 2 Articles 18 April at 14:04
A free weekly Tarot card reading from tarotfairy and other card readings.

Life as you no it confusing
By 1 Articles 17 April at 15:07
The problems i am having and the things i have to overcome

Countdown to new me
By 1 Articles 16 April at 15:56
Cant w8 to have my new boobies!

By 1 Articles 13 April at 22:42
My blog is about searching for the following: Someone to share my life with Find a new job Losing weight

400cc unders
By 1 Articles 13 April at 17:24
Hi just wondering if any1 out there can help me, i went to see my surgeon for a consultation last week and hes suggested that i should have 400cc under the muscle. just wondering if...

Sperm donor needed manchester
By 1 Articles 12 April at 21:00
Hi, I am a gay female who has been with her partner for 8 years and married for nearly 2 years. We are looking to start a family and we both want to have a children. We are looking...

The highs and lows of pregnancy
By 3 Articles 12 April at 0:37
I write about my experience of being pregnant for the first time and capture the good times and the bad. It's a journey.

Rosewilly's cambridge diet blog
By 1 Articles 8 April at 16:20
An account of how im doing on the Cambridge Diet plan

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