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By 1 Articles 7 June at 18:57
Any comments?

HELPPPP! been of the pill for 4months?
By 1 Articles 30 May at 17:26
I have been of cerazette for about for months now last month on the 16th i had light spotting for 3days, every since then nothing, i have cramps ectt.. im not pregnant because ive...

By 1 Articles 28 May at 18:21
♥ Hello everyone! My name is Aleksandra and I'm a nail art blogger, obsessed with collar necklaces and in love with fashion, photography, vintage and painting ♥ http://mileforstyle...

Implant sizes
By 1 Articles 22 May at 11:13
Hi there im having my boobs done on the 10th june thru transform with mr meleagros. im a lil worried one sixe of implants everyone has such different size and gets same 8stone...

By 1 Articles 22 May at 0:02

Belly Dance
By 2 Articles 21 May at 15:49
You can call it belly dance, middle eastern dance or oriental dance, it is very famous in Egypt and the Levant, many people in Europe and America are learning it. The most famous belly dancers were Egyptians...

By 6 Articles 18 May at 11:40
With the cost of living on a seemingly endless upward curve, the idea of a product that has actually fallen in price is a rare commodity indeed. Step forward ‘round the world travel...

A Woman's Retreat
By 1 Articles 17 May at 14:02
When it comes to the daily struggles of life, I have often found myself consumed wondering what sort of outlet was right for me. Well i'm going to try blogging to share my experiences of the world so far...

First Attempt - Its about time!
By 4 Articles 16 May at 14:27
My fisrt attempt at blogging! and since its taken god knows how long to find a site that's free and easy to use (i think) then I'm going to give it a shot! I find my life a little...

All About Beauty
By 1 Articles 16 May at 14:14
I write about beauty stuffs

8weeks pregnant
By 1 Articles 14 May at 20:57
Is it normal to feel cramps and flutters on the right and left hand side very low???

New boobs on 18th may
By 1 Articles 14 May at 12:46
Hi ladies ,im getting boobs on friday yay.its my first ba and im sooo exited now .having them done by mr persico at abbey pines .im havin unders but im not sure the size he quoted is going to be big enough...

Parkash Satti
By 3 Articles 12 May at 10:34
Indian Singer/Actor

How a boudoir photo shoot improves confidence
By 1 Articles 10 May at 11:10
Just wanted to share this newspaper article with you - I was interviewed about my boudoir photography and the article explores how a boudoir session helped my client's confidence....

By 1 Articles 9 May at 10:13

By 4 Articles 6 May at 17:10
The other is full batin off mine is cull old older oldest last laster lastest

My world
By 5 Articles 5 May at 22:31
I live in a world where people see me as unique and i love being special and am a very loving chic..hope yal get to feel and love life like i do...i have dreams and am still waitin and fighting for them to come true...

My humourous wonderings
By 3 Articles 3 May at 14:56
Thoughts and musing on the life of a woman today

22 year old looking to donate my eggs to loveing couple in uk
By 1 Articles 2 May at 14:54
Hi i am a 22 year old, "5.7" tall, size 8, blue eyes, blonde hair but natural hair colour light brown, a healthy young lady looking to give my eggs to a loveing couple to make their dream come true in haveing a baby...

The girl next door
By 1 Articles 30 April at 12:30
Everyday fun, laughs, tears, heartbreaks, love, life, friendship, secrets etc etc etc

By 1 Articles 28 April at 11:34
Looking for a Boob Job Bikini? This summer try a MaxCleavage bikini and you won't be needing a boob job!

Psychic Online Readings
By 1 Articles 26 April at 20:57
Http:// Through my website you can get readings on different parts of your life or a one question x From £1 - £20 EMAIL: MELISSASURRIDGE@LIVE.CO.UK...

Giving up
By 10 Articles 24 April at 12:17

My IVF journey
By 1 Articles 23 April at 18:37
This is my 'dear diary' IVF journey that's only just beginning - written to get things off my chest and to hopefully show others they're not alone!

Such is Life
By 1 Articles 21 April at 12:57
A look into the life of an ordindary mum!!

Offered free
By 2 Articles 21 April at 4:58
Im offering to be some ones urogate family mmemebr even if the person has no family of thier own. There must be some one out there willing to take up my offer in Scotland

My dad just kicked our door
By 1 Articles 20 April at 17:56
My dad just kicked the kitchen door open like in a angry voice and feeling i cant believe it i want cry i want move out to my friend lilyanne's house

By 1 Articles 19 April at 21:57
We have iphone application which can predict how will look like baby face

Pretty Woman Mobile Beauty
By 1 Articles 18 April at 1:00
Based in East Tilbury (Tilbury), Pretty Woman Mobile Beauty offers beauty services to clients throughout Essex, London and Kent. Set up in 2007 the company has 5 years of experience...

Dr Hussain Hospital Group ba this fri
By 1 Articles 17 April at 20:23
Hi ive got my ba this fri with Dr Hussain at the hospital group. Just wondered if anyone on here has had a ba with Dr Hussain or with this private hospital, and how it went with everything...

The Great PIP Scandal
By 2 Articles 15 April at 22:16
My blog about living with PIP's and trying to get the bloody things out!

House Poulette
By 6 Articles 13 April at 10:53
The London Tales of an American Bridal Chick

Oracion a Santa Marta
By 1 Articles 13 April at 6:45
Santa Marta virgen, por el Carabanchel que hoy vas a consumar el por la luz de esta vela y por el algodón con que se limpian los santos oleos, yo te ofrezco esta vela para que remedies...

Life x
By 1 Articles 11 April at 16:13
All Time Low,My Chemical Romance,Fall out boy,Kids In Glass Houses,Yellowcard,Lostprophets, YM@6,We Are The In Crowd,We are the ocean,Yashin,Room 94,BMTH,Enter Shikari,Parkway drive...

Sperm dona wanted
By 1 Articles 10 April at 19:07
Hi we are a lesbian couple, been together 6 years and married for 12 months and want to make our family complete please could anyone help, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Make-up Video Tutorials
By 1 Articles 8 April at 1:23
For Great Makeup Tutorials

By 1 Articles 7 April at 22:49
Hello , lovely adoptive parents , this has come to the stage where my husband and I can't hold it anymore. We think this is the best decision we are taking . We have a son and a daughter...

My Boob Job Journey
By 1 Articles 7 April at 16:40
Finally havingva boob job to get the boob i have been dreaming of for years

By 1 Articles 6 April at 11:25
Little things.. Small things.. A minute.. A day.. A Life.. My life!! Ha ha

Office 2010,windows 7
By 6 Articles 6 April at 8:34
The best registry cleaner for Office 2010 is the tool which has been kept updated enough to solve any issues this new software may have, without causing any harm to your PC.

The 'Fashion Brand' Of Facial Aesthetics
By 1 Articles 5 April at 18:49

Things I Blog About
By 1 Articles 5 April at 10:28
All things I find interesting

PaleAway: World's first permanent spray tan!
By 1 Articles 2 April at 13:43
I'm booked in for the PaleAway brand new tanning sensation!

Lhezy blog
By 143 Articles 2 April at 11:53
Its all about beauty and me

By 8 Articles 2 April at 7:26
Very goods!

32AA 34E woo!!!
By 1 Articles 30 March at 22:54

By 2 Articles 29 March at 10:04
The best handbags.

Es müssen nicht immer Socken sein – Geschenkideen für Männer
By 1 Articles 29 March at 9:24
Manchmal ist es gar nicht so leicht, das richtige Geschenk für den Partner zu finden.

Passionate on Plus Size
By 37 Articles 28 March at 16:22
News, Views and Opinions related to Plus size fashion and Plus size women. Including plus size clothing, fuller figured icons and what's in the news.

The Petites among us
By 2 Articles 25 March at 20:48
Are you a petite women but can't find the right size clothes? Why can't shops make clothes in smaller sizes and for the smaller body shapes?

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