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Hair Removal
By 2 Articles 4 December at 15:29
Has any one tried hair removal with energist i200? How effective is it and what was your experience like?

Girly stufff
By 1 Articles 3 December at 20:42

Abortion 13 weeks 5 days
By 1 Articles 3 December at 1:11
Pregnancy unknown until 13 weeks gone.

Boobs, wedding dresses and full on diets!!!
By 1 Articles 2 December at 17:57
The 4 months between booking and having my boobies done, the strategic, army like planning and diet for my wedding, and making sure my three evil children are still relatively sane in the process...

Love across an ocean ღ
By 1 Articles 30 November at 23:09
I am a writer, an avid lover of the English language and a philosopher (of sorts). I have started this blog so that I can share my experiences of a long-distance relationship. Not just any old relationship however...

I want have children with my partner
By 1 Articles 26 November at 17:53
Hi i want to have kids with my partner but we have been trying for 8 months and still nothing is happining?? am thinking maybe a cant have kids and he thinks maybe he cant have kids...

Natalia Henao
By 1 Articles 26 November at 9:46

Vaser Lipo at Bodysmooth With Dr Lamia
By 18 Articles 18 November at 11:58
A blog about my experience

Share A Gift
By 1 Articles 16 November at 12:50
My journey to raising money for correct my immplants

My fricky world
By 149 Articles 13 November at 20:52
For everyone and everywhere!!

My Marriage Blog
By 1 Articles 13 November at 7:48
Marriage and relationship challenges, how to save your marriage and survive cheating in a relationship.

By 1 Articles 9 November at 21:14
Evrything about it newborns.

My looooong boobie journey!
By 1 Articles 8 November at 23:09
Hope you enjoy reading my story and feel free to ask any questions!

Not happy with boobs after surgery with Mya
By 1 Articles 8 November at 21:07
I am so unhappy with boob after my opp. i had them done in june this year and one has dropped so much more than the other, i have complained to mya bt nothing has yet been done, i hope im not getting shrugged off...

By 3 Articles 7 November at 23:00

Finally feeling like a woman
By 1 Articles 4 November at 11:17
My pre-op and post-op journey

By 2 Articles 27 October at 22:29

Sending out healing
By 1 Articles 25 October at 17:25
We live in such a troubled world. War,famine, disease, poverty. Sometimes we feel helpless, but we can do something. The power of healing can be such a great connecting force. Let's send some out today...

Skin Firming Cream-Myrtle Beach
By 2 Articles 22 October at 18:38
A good skin firming cream, when used regularly, will definitely not harm the skin, and may have the added benefit of helping to produce and maintain firmer skin in addition to combating...

By 1 Articles 15 October at 15:28
Struggle in job hunting.

The Girl That Was Left Behind.
By 10 Articles 14 October at 21:39

Autumn Memoirs
By 2 Articles 14 October at 17:53
I get a little nostalgic in these autumn days. Childhood scenes flash through my head. It’s hard to keep up with my thoughts, work, & life in general.

Being you
By 1 Articles 14 October at 11:59
Just sticking to ur values

Bespoke and natural skin care
By 2 Articles 13 October at 12:01
I'm writing about really natural skin care products and cosmetics. There are simple recipes to try yourself and loads of information on what natural really means!

Walking In Shadows.
By 2 Articles 7 October at 19:50
This is all the poetry I write. Sorry it's morbid, welcome to my world. No likey, no ready. Simple as.

Arthur Gabriele
By 1 Articles 6 October at 7:45
Song Writer/Compaoser

Crystal 527
By 1 Articles 4 October at 22:08
Hi i am giving email tarot readings for charity. I hope you will come and have a genuine 18 card celtic cross reading. All you need is a pay pal account. I am genuine and accurate...

Early Breast cancer symptoms in young women and men
By 3 Articles 4 October at 12:44
Breast cancer can affect women plus men similar plus is the second most common type of cancer worldwide next to lung cancer.

Through the looking glass
By 5 Articles 26 September at 15:29
Mad hatters tea party and Gwen Stefani singing provocatively "what ya waiting for? Take a chance you stupid...."It resonates. I have alot a good husband, happy children a happy home but and there is always 1 my weight...

Grandma goes web
By 1 Articles 26 September at 11:14
Grandma goes web

This has to be my final diet my final two to three stone
By 1 Articles 25 September at 19:44
I will record my weight daily

A little something in my spare time.
By 1 Articles 25 September at 1:18
Maybe if the feedback is ok "A little something in my spare time" will grow over time...

By 11 Articles 18 September at 19:05
Okay, so this is about me :D I'm really not that fascinating but you may find my life interesting, so, whichever :) Please follow me on and

Vaser lipo
By 7 Articles 17 September at 18:09
Description of my experience having vaser lipo on my abs and hips. Details of the procedure, my recovery and my thoughts on the whole thing!

My best eyeshadow ever
By 1 Articles 13 September at 11:44
My best eyeshadow ever

Gastric band
By 1 Articles 12 September at 21:46
Having my band fitted 20/9/11

My Booby story!
By 2 Articles 12 September at 13:16
Thought i'd keep a blog which keeps a track of my BA which i had on Sept 8th 2011 and my recovery progress....

Kaisilver Health And Leisure Blog
By 1 Articles 11 September at 15:26
The Kaisilver health and leisure blog gives you interesting and important information related, to health, food, relaxation and leisure.

Difficulty getting pregnant after a miscarriage
By 1 Articles 8 September at 21:20
Hi, I have a 2yr 8mths old son. I started trying to conceive again when he was 2 and I got pregnant after about 3mths but miscarried at 8wks. Since then, my cycle has been irregular...

My blog
By 1 Articles 7 September at 13:51
Anything about fashio and style

Beauty existed in your makings
By 4 Articles 7 September at 9:22
You can make up as your characteristic

Vaser at Selston
By 1 Articles 5 September at 14:28

Herbs Vitiligo Oil
By 1 Articles 5 September at 12:17
Herbs vitiligo oil is a formulation of many natural ingredients which work jointly in a way that when the oil is applied on the affected areas it cures vitiligo within few weeks. http://www...

Social Gathering
By 3 Articles 2 September at 19:51
I will be posting blogs on events that encourages social gathering.

Nevertheless .. Italy is always Italy
By 1 Articles 30 August at 22:39
Hi, I'm an italian girl, are 27 years old. I like travel and I would like talk to you... :)

Infinitely Wealthy Women
By 1 Articles 28 August at 20:38
Infinitely Wealthy Women is a new empowering wealth creation and networking brand for the beautiful, sophisticated and savvy woman.

Vaser Journey
By 4 Articles 28 August at 18:26
My Vaser experience with Dr Mike Comins

Passion Meets Profit
By 1 Articles 26 August at 14:06
If you're passionate about getting the best from life and want to find out strategies that enable you to reach your full potential then this blog is for you. This blog will explore...

Mango body lotion
By 1 Articles 25 August at 14:53
Lotions Treat your overworked skin to our fabulous sweet mango all over body lotion, which contains natural ingredients. This heavenly scented light and creamy conditioning lotion...

Calvin Klein
By 1 Articles 24 August at 14:48
Buy from the wide range of Calvin Klein’s Perfumes and Fragrances at discounted prices on Chemist Direct UK

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