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My IVF journey
By 1 Articles 23 April at 18:37
This is my 'dear diary' IVF journey that's only just beginning - written to get things off my chest and to hopefully show others they're not alone!

Such is Life
By 1 Articles 21 April at 12:57
A look into the life of an ordindary mum!!

Offered free
By 2 Articles 21 April at 4:58
Im offering to be some ones urogate family mmemebr even if the person has no family of thier own. There must be some one out there willing to take up my offer in Scotland

My dad just kicked our door
By 1 Articles 20 April at 17:56
My dad just kicked the kitchen door open like in a angry voice and feeling i cant believe it i want cry i want move out to my friend lilyanne's house

By 1 Articles 19 April at 21:57
We have iphone application which can predict how will look like baby face

Pretty Woman Mobile Beauty
By 1 Articles 18 April at 1:00
Based in East Tilbury (Tilbury), Pretty Woman Mobile Beauty offers beauty services to clients throughout Essex, London and Kent. Set up in 2007 the company has 5 years of experience...

Dr Hussain Hospital Group ba this fri
By 1 Articles 17 April at 20:23
Hi ive got my ba this fri with Dr Hussain at the hospital group. Just wondered if anyone on here has had a ba with Dr Hussain or with this private hospital, and how it went with everything...

The Great PIP Scandal
By 2 Articles 15 April at 22:16
My blog about living with PIP's and trying to get the bloody things out!

House Poulette
By 6 Articles 13 April at 10:53
The London Tales of an American Bridal Chick

Oracion a Santa Marta
By 1 Articles 13 April at 6:45
Santa Marta virgen, por el Carabanchel que hoy vas a consumar el por la luz de esta vela y por el algodón con que se limpian los santos oleos, yo te ofrezco esta vela para que remedies...

Life x
By 1 Articles 11 April at 16:13
All Time Low,My Chemical Romance,Fall out boy,Kids In Glass Houses,Yellowcard,Lostprophets, YM@6,We Are The In Crowd,We are the ocean,Yashin,Room 94,BMTH,Enter Shikari,Parkway drive...

Sperm dona wanted
By 1 Articles 10 April at 19:07
Hi we are a lesbian couple, been together 6 years and married for 12 months and want to make our family complete please could anyone help, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Make-up Video Tutorials
By 1 Articles 8 April at 1:23
For Great Makeup Tutorials

By 1 Articles 7 April at 22:49
Hello , lovely adoptive parents , this has come to the stage where my husband and I can't hold it anymore. We think this is the best decision we are taking . We have a son and a daughter...

My Boob Job Journey
By 1 Articles 7 April at 16:40
Finally havingva boob job to get the boob i have been dreaming of for years

By 1 Articles 6 April at 11:25
Little things.. Small things.. A minute.. A day.. A Life.. My life!! Ha ha

Office 2010,windows 7
By 6 Articles 6 April at 8:34
The best registry cleaner for Office 2010 is the tool which has been kept updated enough to solve any issues this new software may have, without causing any harm to your PC.

The 'Fashion Brand' Of Facial Aesthetics
By 1 Articles 5 April at 18:49

Things I Blog About
By 1 Articles 5 April at 10:28
All things I find interesting

PaleAway: World's first permanent spray tan!
By 1 Articles 2 April at 13:43
I'm booked in for the PaleAway brand new tanning sensation! http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3Dd4ZXCTo4jOY%26context%3DC4335aceADvjVQa1PpcFPq7juMwJcIP8Nw9JkSDLn...

Lhezy blog
By 143 Articles 2 April at 11:53
Its all about beauty and me

By 8 Articles 2 April at 7:26
Very goods!

32AA 34E woo!!!
By 1 Articles 30 March at 22:54

By 2 Articles 29 March at 10:04
The best handbags.

Es müssen nicht immer Socken sein – Geschenkideen für Männer
By 1 Articles 29 March at 9:24
Manchmal ist es gar nicht so leicht, das richtige Geschenk für den Partner zu finden.

Passionate on Plus Size
By 37 Articles 28 March at 16:22
News, Views and Opinions related to Plus size fashion and Plus size women. Including plus size clothing, fuller figured icons and what's in the news.

The Petites among us
By 2 Articles 25 March at 20:48
Are you a petite women but can't find the right size clothes? Why can't shops make clothes in smaller sizes and for the smaller body shapes?

Madre pomba
By 3 Articles 25 March at 8:18
Gracias que se haga realidad

3 days post boob op!
By 1 Articles 23 March at 17:08
Just a bit of a guide for all those questioning size pre op!

39 weeks pregnant
By 1 Articles 22 March at 10:55
Im now 39 weeks and 1 day along. Ive been having some bowl movement problems since getting pregnant mostly they have been loose/runny with sometimes white/clear discharge and bits of red on it...

Still Believe Love
By 1 Articles 22 March at 8:11
I am looking for the one who is also looking for me, is it u?

Looking for a surrogate?
By 1 Articles 20 March at 11:56
My 7yr old son has terminal brain cancer and has approx 3yrs to live! i cant have any more children as i have been tested after trying for 6years to no avail, it breaks my heart to...

Hey girls
By 1 Articles 19 March at 23:14
Well I'm going in on the 18th of April for my first ever BA. I'm going with MYA. And mr Singh is doing my op I'm having 800cc exhp I'm a 32FF natural Size 10-12 5ft9 Im so excited I love tattoos...

My journey
By 2 Articles 18 March at 22:45
Where to start, perhaps with work and what is going to happen in the next few days or so lol sounds so dramatic but its not the fact is on the 30th March I will be retiring its such...

What Size??
By 1 Articles 18 March at 14:32

By 1 Articles 17 March at 18:47
Hi ladies....looking for an insight into BA procedure and recovery etc im seeing Garrick Georgeo on tuesday....

Best Hair at the Oscars
By 1 Articles 15 March at 11:19

By 1 Articles 14 March at 14:52
Jewellery inspired by nature

380cc naturelle
By 1 Articles 10 March at 17:58
Hi im getting my second BA in 4 weeks time with dr gianntripanni due to pip implants!!! i currently have 335cc and am roughly a 32d what size do you think i will be after? and has...

My Battle with Hormones ( Start of a new life )
By 16 Articles 10 March at 12:49
For the last 4 years i have been alone in the world, fighting a non stop battle with a rare hormone condition. This is my story.

20, 1st year of uni... and PREGNANT!
By 1 Articles 8 March at 11:08
I need some advice people ...

By 1 Articles 7 March at 5:34
Para ti mismo di el nombre de la unica persona del sexo opuesto con quien quieras estar(tres veses) piensa en algo que quieras lograr dentro de la proxima semana y repitelo para ti...

Cambridge Diet Attempt 3
By 1 Articles 4 March at 22:40
Third Time Lucky.

By 1 Articles 4 March at 19:47
Wanting advice on boob enlargements

Create fashion items
By 3 Articles 1 March at 19:43
This blow is about create fashion items found in my wardrobe! See her the best fashion items!

The perception of beauty
By 1 Articles 1 March at 17:40
Navvy SandhuA gorgeous face catches ur eye but a gorgeous personality catches ur heart Hey Ladies I am a psychology student....As part of my dissertation a need girls to fellow out this questionnaire about Makeup...

Why The Future Looks Brighter for Women in Business
By 1 Articles 29 February at 20:09
Blog about women entrepreneurs

My Beauty Journal
By 1 Articles 29 February at 9:55
I provide provide health and beauty tips similar to ones provided on: http://conblogaration.blogspot.com and http://jabshealthnews.blogspot.com Commenting Guidelines Feel free to make...

By 1 Articles 28 February at 15:37
Diary entry - my thoughts on baby sleep!

BA Story
By 1 Articles 26 February at 22:06
From the age of 15 I'd always wanted a Breast Augmentation but never got the courage until I was 35. Here's my story..

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