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Almond flan

Almond milk

Apple and chicken skewers with lemon sauce
Recipe - Apple Jameson tartEasy20 min
Recipe - Apricot tartEasy30 min
Recipe - Asparagus with spicy avocado sauceEasy20 min
Recipe - Aubergine and ginger caviarEasy10 min
Recipe - Aubergine and goat's cheese millefeuilleEasy35 min
Recipe - Aubergine and tomato gratinEasy30 min
Recipe - Aubergine caviarEasy20 min
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Recipe - Avocado and tomato saladEasy5 min
Recipe - Avocado pastaEasy10 min
Recipe - Bacon, courgette and cashel blue soupEasy10 min
Recipe - Balaton saladEasy30 min
Recipe - Banana flambéEasy10 min
Recipe - Beef meatballs and yoghurt sauceEasy30 min
Recipe - Beef with paprikaEasy20 min
Recipe - Black risottoEasy10 min
Recipe - Black-eye beverageEasy10 min
Recipe - Blinis Easy120 min
Recipe - Blueberry cranachanEasy30 min
Recipe - Blueberry foolEasy20 min
Recipe - Braised short ribs with champMedium20 min
Recipe - Broccoli parcelsMedium15 min
Recipe - Brown rice, chicken and avocado saladEasy10 min
Recipe - Cabbage leaves stuffed with lentilsEasy30 min
Recipe - Caramel and almond milk flanEasy10 min

Caramelised peach cake

Carrot and celeriac salad

Carrot and chive flan
Recipe - Carrot soupEasy10 min
Recipe - Cheese and cumin canapésEasy20 min
Recipe - Cheese sticksEasy10 min
Recipe - Cherry and almond cakeEasy15 min
Recipe - Cherry gratinEasy10 min
Recipe - Cherry tomatoes stuffed with fromage fraisEasy10 min
Recipe - Cherry verrines with mascarpone and cinnamonEasy35 min
Recipe - Chicken and Tomato CrumbleMedium10 min
Recipe - Chicken brochettes on organic saladEasy20 min
Recipe - Chicken curryMedium30 min
Recipe - Chicken pastilla with pomegranateMedium20 min
Recipe - Chicken with paprikaMedium20 min
Recipe - Chocolate and almond flanEasy10 min
Recipe - Chocolate and apple cakeEasy20 min
Recipe - Chocolate and apple madeleinesEasy20 min
Recipe - Chocolate and banana cakesEasy20 min
Recipe - Chocolate and cherry muffinsEasy20 min
Recipe - Chocolate and chestnut fondantsEasy10 min
Recipe - Chocolate and chestnut muffinsEasy20 min
Recipe - Chocolate and red wine cakeEasy10 min
Recipe - Chocolate bananasEasy15 min
Recipe - Chocolate cakeEasy20 min
Recipe - Chocolate chestnut cakeEasy15 min
Recipe - Chocolate cookiesEasy10 min

Chocolate cornflake clusters

Chocolate coulant

Chocolate fondant
Recipe - Chocolate icingEasy10 min
Recipe - Chocolate lollipopEasy15 min
Recipe - Chocolate pecan cakeEasy10 min
Recipe - Chocolate profiterolesMedium45 min
Recipe - Chocolate raspberry tartEasy20 min
Recipe - Christmas cabbageMedium30 min
Recipe - Chunky beef chilli with creamy cheese salsaEasy25 min
Recipe - Citrus fruit and kiwi carpaccioEasy15 min
Recipe - Citrus surpriseEasy5 min
Recipe - Citrus zest and ginger spring crab rollsEasy10 min
Recipe - Cobb ScrambleEasy10 min
Recipe - Cod papillote with ginger, citrus and sweet potatoEasy15 min
Recipe - Courgette and aubergine blinis with garlicEasy30 min
Recipe - Courgette carpaccioEasy10 min
Recipe - Crab cakesMedium5 min
Recipe - Crab verrinesMedium10 min
Recipe - Cream of cauliflower soupEasy10 min
Recipe - Creamy Irish liqueur fudgeEasy15 min
Recipe - Crunchy wheat and apple saladEasy20 min
Recipe - Cucumber and herb soupMedium15 min
Recipe - Cucumber salad with tarragon creamEasy30 min
Recipe - Cucumber stuffed with cream of salmonEasy30 min
Recipe - Damson compoteEasy10 min
Recipe - Dark chocolate ganacheEasy20 min

Dublin Beef Wellington

Fennel and soya milk clafoutis

Fennel stuffed with rice and ham
Recipe - Filo pastry wrapped scampiEasy25 min
Recipe - Fish bake pieEasy10 min
Recipe - Flambéed honey and walnut pancakesEasy20 min
Recipe - Fondant with chocolate sauce and ice-creamEasy30 min
Recipe - Foolproof pepper sauceEasy10 min
Recipe - Fresh fruit kebabsEasy15 min
Recipe - Fresh orange juice with mintEasy5 min
Recipe - Fromage frais with herbs and raspberriesEasy10 min
Recipe - Fruit frittersEasy15 min
Recipe - Giant chocolate truffleEasy15 min
Recipe - Gin Fizz with Mint Easy15 min
Recipe - GloggEasy5 min
Recipe - Gorgonzola penne saladEasy20 min
Recipe - GoulashEasy25 min
Recipe - Greek yoghurt with peppers, feta and pine nutsEasy20 min
Recipe - Greengage jamEasy25 min
Recipe - Grilled vegetable tartEasy10 min
Recipe - Ham and spinach rollsEasy35 min
Recipe - Ham-stuffed celeryEasy10 min
Recipe - Honey and raisin chickenEasy15 min
Recipe - Iced Grand Marnier souffléEasy30 min
Recipe - Irish burgers with green sauceEasy20 min
Recipe - Irish coffee meringue sliceMedium30 min
Recipe - Irish rarebitEasy15 min

Kebab Karaz lamb with cherries and pomegranate

Lamb and aubergine tagine

Lamb chops with pea, mint and avocado salad
Recipe - Lamb in herb cream sauceEasy15 min
Recipe - Lamb in mustardEasy20 min
Recipe - Leek and Bread PuddingMedium15 min
Recipe - Leek and potato soupEasy10 min
Recipe - Lemon and coriander aubergineEasy10 min
Recipe - Lemon grass & cardamom monkfishEasy30 min
Recipe - Lemon grass and lychee MartiniEasy10 min
Recipe - Lemon sauceEasy10 min
Recipe - Lentil and Chestnut StewMedium30 min
Recipe - Lentil puréeEasy15 min
Recipe - Lime mousseline sauceEasy15 min
Recipe - Linguine O'LearyEasy5 min
Recipe - Lion-style chocolate barsEasy5 min
Recipe - Liver kebabsEasy10 min
Recipe - Luxury fish pieMedium15 min
Recipe - Mango, pineapple, banana and chocolate cupsEasy20 min
Recipe - Melon and ham bitesEasy10 min
Recipe - Melon and mozzarella salad with basilEasy10 min
Recipe - Mini rhubarb cakesEasy15 min
Recipe - Mini tomato and mozzarella tartsEasy10 min
Recipe - Mireille mackerelEasy10 min
Recipe - Moelleux au chocolat with condensed milkEasy30 min
Recipe - Moelleux au chocolat with spicesEasy15 min
Recipe - Monkfish with tomatoes, pine nuts and almondsMedium15 min

Moroccan potatoes with cumin and chicken

Mulled wine

Oak Smoked Ham and Pepper Frittata
Recipe - Oat biscuitsEasy20 min
Recipe - Oat biscuitsEasy10 min
Recipe - Oat soupEasy5 min
Recipe - Open Halloumi and Pepper SandwichEasy10 min
Recipe - Oporto celeryEasy20 min
Recipe - Orange mousseEasy10 min
Recipe - Oriental rack of lamb with stir-fried vegetablesEasy15 min
Recipe - Oriental-style stuffed auberginesEasy30 min
Recipe - Parsnips with cardamom and yoghurtEasy15 min
Recipe - Pascale saladEasy20 min
Recipe - Pasta and baked beansEasy10 min
Recipe - Peach and feta saladEasy15 min
Recipe - Peach verrines with mascarponeEasy40 min
Recipe - Peach ZabaglioneEasy25 min
Recipe - Peaches roasted in butterEasy10 min
Recipe - Poached pineapple with green mango and chilliEasy5 min
Recipe - Pork medallions with courgettes and raisinsEasy20 min
Recipe - Portugese stewEasy20 min
Recipe - Potato and feta bakeEasy10 min
Recipe - Prune and bacon bitesEasy5 min
Recipe - Pumpkin soupEasy10 min
Recipe - Quick croque-monsieur (toasted sandwich)Easy10 min
Recipe - Quinoa saladEasy30 min
Recipe - RacletteEasy15 min

Rainbow Omelette

Raspberry biscuit sundae

Red apple cocktail
Recipe - Red pepper tartEasy35 min
Recipe - Rhubarb tartMedium55 min
Recipe - Rice puddingEasy10 min
Recipe - Roast duck breast with red cabbageEasy5 min
Recipe - Roast sweet potato soup with paprika and baconEasy10 min
Recipe - Roast turkey in chestnut sauceMedium60 min
Recipe - Roasted apricots with basil and parmesanEasy20 min
Recipe - Rolled Omelette with Prawns, Asparagus & MushroomEasy10 min
Recipe - Romanesco broccoli clafoutisEasy15 min
Recipe - Romesco sauceEasy15 min
Recipe - Salad with strawberries, kumquats and rose petalsEasy10 min
Recipe - Salmon and Dill CrumbleMedium30 min
Recipe - Salmon gravelaxMedium15 min
Recipe - Salmon mousseMedium5 min
Recipe - Salmon tartare with mangoEasy80 min
Recipe - Salmon with sorrelMedium15 min
Recipe - Salmon, avocado and grapefruit verrinesEasy20 min
Recipe - Sausage hot dogEasy15 min
Recipe - Sausages on sticksEasy15 min
Recipe - Sautéed lamb with saffronEasy30 min
Recipe - Scallop and cucumber canapésEasy15 min
Recipe - Scallop carpaccioEasy25 min
Recipe - Scandinavian chicoryEasy10 min
Recipe - Seared Scallops with spicy crab cakes and a hot & Medium20 min

Sesame duck kebabs

Shepherd's pie

Skate with capers
Recipe - Slinky pink slingEasy5 min
Recipe - Smoked Salmon Potato SaladEasy20 min
Recipe - Smoked salmon soufflés with dillEasy20 min
Recipe - Smoked salmon with avocados and fine herbsMedium30 min
Recipe - Soda breadEasy30 min
Recipe - Sole terrineEasy20 min
Recipe - Spiced shrimpsHard30 min
Recipe - Spicy chocolate mousseEasy15 min
Recipe - Spicy tuna with tagine-style onionsEasy30 min
Recipe - Spider cakesMedium15 min
Recipe - Spinach and strawberry saladEasy10 min
Recipe - Spinach gratinEasy20 min
Recipe - Sponge swiss rollMedium40 min
Recipe - Steak pastiesEasy20 min
Recipe - Strawberries with goat's cheeseEasy10 min
Recipe - Strawberry and melon gratinEasy25 min
Recipe - Strawberry-stuffed tomatoesEasy20 min
Recipe - Stuffed aubergineEasy20 min
Recipe - Stuffed auberginesEasy20 min
Recipe - Stuffed baby potatoesEasy10 min
Recipe - Stuffed capon chicken with nuts and cardoonMedium45 min
Recipe - Stuffed peppersEasy10 min
Recipe - Sweet and sour tomato soupEasy15 min
Recipe - Swiss Engadine torteEasy5 min

Tomato and kiwi salad

Tomato and ricotta salad

Tomato biscuits
Recipe - Tricolore puréeEasy60 min
Recipe - Tropical OmeletteEasy5 min
Recipe - Tuna and mascarpone dipEasy5 min
Recipe - Tuna and tomato tartEasy20 min
Recipe - Tuna ballsEasy10 min
Recipe - Turnip hash brownsEasy20 min
Recipe - Twix-style chocolate barsEasy30 min
Recipe - Vampire's bloodEasy10 min
Recipe - Veal and avocado tartareEasy80 min
Recipe - Vegetable ribbon and organic beef kebabsEasy min
Recipe - Vegetable tagineEasy15 min
Recipe - Waffle mixtureEasy20 min
Recipe - Warm black pudding, wicklow cheese and egg saladEasy10 min
Recipe - Warm savoury baked cheesecakeMedium20 min
Recipe - White and dark chocolate fudgeEasy10 min
Recipe - White chocolate ice-creamEasy10 min
Recipe - Wholegrain breadEasy20 min
Recipe - Wholewheat muffinsEasy10 min
Recipe - Witch's fingersMedium10 min
Recipe - Yellow peach platterEasy15 min
Recipe - Yogurt cheese cakeEasy30 min
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