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Apple and chicken skewers with lemon sauce

Bacon, roquefort and walnut clafoutis

Baked chicken and herbs
Recipe : Basque chickenEasy20 min
Recipe : Beef bourguignonMedium25 min
Recipe : Beef meatballs and yoghurt sauceEasy30 min
Recipe : Beef with paprikaEasy20 min
Recipe : Borguignon fondueEasy10 min
Recipe : Braised short ribs with champMedium20 min
Recipe : Buckwheat pancakes with ham and cheeseMedium15 min
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Recipe : Capon chicken stuffed with honeyMedium35 min
Recipe : Caribbean quailMedium15 min
Recipe : CassouletEasy30 min
Recipe : Chicken & spring vegetable lasagneMedium30 min
Recipe : Chicken AdoboEasy10 min
Recipe : Chicken and apple couscousEasy20 min
Recipe : Chicken and lime kebabsMedium20 min
Recipe : Chicken and vegetable stir fryEasy10 min
Recipe : Chicken biryaniEasy30 min
Recipe : Chicken biryaniMedium15 min
Recipe : Chicken chop sueyEasy30 min
Recipe : Chicken curryEasy15 min
Recipe : Chicken in chocolate sauceMedium20 min
Recipe : Chicken kormaMedium15 min
Recipe : Chicken pastilla with pomegranateMedium20 min
Recipe : Chicken puttanescaEasy10 min
Recipe : Chicken risottoEasy20 min

Chicken stuffed with dried fruit

Chicken tagine with dried apricots

Chicken tagine with honey and dried fruit
Recipe : Chicken tagine with lemons and olivesEasy20 min
Recipe : Chicken tikka kebabsMedium10 min
Recipe : Chicken tikka masalaMedium10 min
Recipe : Chicken with almondsEasy15 min
Recipe : Chicken with baby corn-on-the-cobEasy20 min
Recipe : Chicken with basilEasy5 min
Recipe : Chicken with basil, by Ken HomEasy5 min
Recipe : Chicken with capsicumsEasy15 min
Recipe : Chicken with lemon & capersEasy20 min
Recipe : Chicken with lemon and pineappleEasy15 min
Recipe : Chicken with lemongrassEasy20 min
Recipe : Chicken with oranges and gingerEasy20 min
Recipe : Chicken with paprikaMedium20 min
Recipe : Chicken with tarragon and chanterelle mushroomsEasy10 min
Recipe : Chicken with yoghurt and mintEasy20 min
Recipe : Chilli con carneEasy10 min
Recipe : Chilli, red onion and chorizo potato bakeEasy5 min
Recipe : Chinese chickenMedium15 min
Recipe : Chunky sausage soupEasy30 min
Recipe : Classic cheeseburgerEasy10 min
Recipe : Cocoa and chilli pork ribsEasy15 min
Recipe : Coconut and pistachio chicken curryEasy30 min
Recipe : Coq au vinMedium55 min
Recipe : Corned beef hashEasy10 min

Corned beef hash

Corned beef hash

Corned beef quiche
Recipe : Coronation chickenEasy10 min
Recipe : Cottage pieEasy30 min
Recipe : CouscousEasy60 min
Recipe : Crispy Duck With Apricot and Plum SauceHard30 min
Recipe : Curried porkEasy20 min
Recipe : Curry sauce (basic)Easy10 min
Recipe : Dublin Beef WellingtonEasy5 min
Recipe : Duck à l'orangeMedium20 min
Recipe : Duck and pumpkin shepherd's pieEasy25 min
Recipe : Duck breast with tea sauceEasy25 min
Recipe : Duck cutlets in green pepper sauceEasy10 min
Recipe : Duck with pineapple and gingerMedium35 min
Recipe : Easy chickenEasy10 min
Recipe : Five spice chickenMedium10 min
Recipe : Foie gras fried with appleEasy20 min
Recipe : French country chickenEasy30 min
Recipe : Garlicky RoastEasy15 min
Recipe : Glazed duckMedium20 min
Recipe : Goose stuffed with fruitMedium30 min
Recipe : Goose with chestnutsMedium40 min
Recipe : GoulashEasy25 min
Recipe : Granny Sheperd pieEasy10 min
Recipe : Ham-stuffed celeryEasy10 min
Recipe : Haunch of venison-style leg of lambMedium25 min

Herded chicken

Honey and raisin chicken

Irish burgers with green sauce
Recipe : Jamaican curry muttonEasy60 min
Recipe : JambalayaMedium15 min
Recipe : Japanese fondueEasy50 min
Recipe : Japanese Salad with Mackerel and Ginger RecipeMedium10 min
Recipe : Javanese rabbitEasy15 min
Recipe : Kebab Karaz lamb with cherries and pomegranateEasy15 min
Recipe : Lamb and aubergine tagineEasy5 min
Recipe : Lamb and prune tagineEasy15 min
Recipe : Lamb casseroleEasy25 min
Recipe : Lamb chops with pea, mint and avocado saladMedium45 min
Recipe : Lamb in herb cream sauceEasy15 min
Recipe : Lamb in mustardEasy20 min
Recipe : Lamb marinated with yoghurtMedium150 min
Recipe : Lamb tagineMedium30 min
Recipe : Lamb with aubergineHard60 min
Recipe : Lamb with gingerMedium15 min
Recipe : Laura's chilli Easy10 min
Recipe : Laura's meatballs with tomato sauceEasy20 min
Recipe : Lemon and mint chickenEasy100 min
Recipe : Lemon chickenEasy15 min
Recipe : Lemon coqEasy20 min
Recipe : Michele's chilliEasy10 min
Recipe : Mince cobblerEasy20 min
Recipe : Moroccan Pork Kebabs Medium30 min


Mozzarella and bacon pizza

Nem (Spring Rolls)
Recipe : Oriental rack of lamb with stir-fried vegetablesEasy15 min
Recipe : Osso buccoEasy30 min
Recipe : Osso BuccoEasy15 min
Recipe : PaellaEasy60 min
Recipe : Pan fried turkey steaks with clementinesEasy20 min
Recipe : Piccata Verde (veal escalope in green sauce)Easy10 min
Recipe : Pork fillets with pineappleEasy15 min
Recipe : Pork in caramelEasy25 min
Recipe : Pork in caramelEasy10 min
Recipe : Pork in satay sauceEasy20 min
Recipe : Pork medallions with courgettes and raisinsEasy20 min
Recipe : Pork with auberginesEasy20 min
Recipe : Portugese stewEasy20 min
Recipe : Potato, beans, sausage and cheese pieEasy10 min
Recipe : Prawn bhunaEasy30 min
Recipe : Rabbit and lemon tagineMedium10 min
Recipe : Rabbit Provencal with aubergineEasy10 min
Recipe : Rack of lamb with spinach and mushroom gratinMedium40 min
Recipe : Red and green pepper beefEasy10 min
Recipe : Roast beef and roast potatoesMedium30 min
Recipe : Roast duck breast with red cabbageEasy5 min
Recipe : Roast goose with currant stuffingEasy20 min
Recipe : Roast leg of lambMedium40 min
Recipe : Roast saddle of hareMedium40 min

Roast turkey

Roast turkey in chestnut sauce

Roast veal and rosemary
Recipe : Rou Bin (or Yok Becn)Easy10 min
Recipe : Sausage & lentils with Maille mustard sauce Medium15 min
Recipe : Sausage and bean pieEasy30 min
Recipe : Sausage casseroleEasy20 min
Recipe : Sausage hot dogEasy15 min
Recipe : Sausage, sage and onion pieEasy10 min
Recipe : Sausages with leek and mustardEasy5 min
Recipe : Sautéed beef with peppersEasy20 min
Recipe : Sautéed lamb with grapesEasy15 min
Recipe : Sautéed lamb with saffronEasy30 min
Recipe : Scrumptious chickenEasy10 min
Recipe : Sesame duck kebabsEasy15 min
Recipe : Seychellois chicken curryEasy20 min
Recipe : Shepherd's pieEasy10 min
Recipe : Shepherd's pieEasy20 min
Recipe : Shepherd's pieEasy20 min
Recipe : Sichuan spicy hot pot stewEasy10 min
Recipe : Smoked paprika & bell pepperEasy5 min
Recipe : Spaghetti carbonara Easy10 min
Recipe : Spiced orange chickenEasy10 min
Recipe : Spicy beefMedium10 min
Recipe : Spicy chilliEasy10 min
Recipe : Spooky cheesy shredded wheat chicken fingersEasy15 min
Recipe : Steak and Ale pieMedium15 min

Steak in pepper sauce

Steak pasties

Stuffed cabbage
Recipe : Stuffed capon chicken with nuts and cardoonMedium45 min
Recipe : Stuffed vegetablesMedium40 min
Recipe : Sweet & sour porkEasy40 min
Recipe : Sweet & sour roast porkEasy10 min
Recipe : Tandoori chickenEasy10 min
Recipe : Thinly-sliced chicken with chivesEasy20 min
Recipe : Tomato meatball wrapsEasy15 min
Recipe : Turkey and broccoli stir-fryEasy20 min
Recipe : Turkey and winter vegetable curryEasy20 min
Recipe : Turkey curryEasy20 min
Recipe : Turkey in champagne with Salardaise potatoesMedium15 min
Recipe : Turkey in chocolateEasy15 min
Recipe : Turkey moussakaEasy5 min
Recipe : Turkey with cashew nutsEasy25 min
Recipe : Turmeric chicken curryEasy20 min
Recipe : Two way BBQ chickenEasy10 min
Recipe : Veal escalope with parmesanEasy10 min
Recipe : Veal escalopes with beansprouts and sesameMedium30 min
Recipe : Veal in cream and mushroom sauceEasy20 min
Recipe : Veal papillotes with wine and grapesMedium10 min
Recipe : Veal stewEasy25 min
Recipe : West Indian chicken curryEasy20 min
Recipe : Witch's fingersMedium10 min
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