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Chinese astrological signs
Rat, ox, dragon, monkey, tiger, snake… Do you know your Chinese astrological sign and which of your character traits it corresponds to? Here are the basics about Chinese signs.
Calculate your astral theme
The astral theme is the keystone of astrology. Unlike horoscopes, it tells us about a person's character, qualities, strengths and weaknesses. Here's our guide to astral themes and how to calculate them...
Pure or divination-based clairvoyance has its supporters and professionals but also its con artists. Step into the world of mediums...
Capricorn personality traits and information
Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac. It marks the start of the winter solstice and is often referred to as the Gate of Gods. Even if the winter solstice is equivalent to the land of the dead, Capricorn is the sign of rebirth and renaissance...
Virgo personality traits and information
Virgo is the 6th sign of the zodiac. It comes just before the autumn equinox, during the wheat and grape harvest. It's more ambiguous than Gemini, in which two temperaments cannot co-exist. Virgo is wise (bread) but it also has a crazy side (wine)...
What do the terms clairvoyant and astrologist mean? Who are these different mediums and what are their specialisms? Here’s a quick look at professionals who claim that they can read the future, see the past and see into your personality...
Leo personality traits and information
Leos have a sense of justice and can enlighten others through the force of their judgement. They see the bigger picture and are logical, with a sense of reality and a global vision that never gets bogged down in the details...
Sagittarius Personality Traits and Information
As the sun is getting lower and lower in the sky, it's getting darker and darker and winter is coming. Sagittarius is a symbol of movement, with nomadic instincts, independence, alert reflexes; a changeable sign, between the end of autumn and the beginning of winter...
Scorpio Personality Traits And Information
With Scorpio we enter November, a cold, rainy month that sees us celebrate saints and all the dead. In Scorpio, dark values win over the light of day and the subconscious reigns. Everyone destroys themselves to be re-born as something better...
Taurus personality traits and information
Taurus has a fixed character. As it continues to rise in the sky, the sun heats the Earth. So it is with Taurus that the diurnal values of practicality, reality and materiality overpower the nocturnal values of the subconscious and imagination...
Love Compatibility Between Star Signs
As a Cancer, how well do you get on with a Taurus? Or are you better matched to an Aqaurius? Maybe a Leo? Is love compatibilty between the signs just a myth?! We take a look...
Do You Have Typical Aquarius Personality Traits?! Here's All You Need To Know
After the stodgy, delicious Quality Street-fused month of December comes January, the perfect time for the airy Aquarius! Were you born between 21st January - 20th February? Read everything you'll ever need to know about your fabulously creative, intelligent and passionate star sign here...
Psychic readings: having a reading with a psychic
Are you thinking of having a psychic reading but don't know what to expect? Read our guide to psychic readings to find out more...
Aries personality traits and information
At the beginning of spring, young seedlings spout out from everywhere. Aries is a being of beginnings, he will always be tempted by multiple adventures and risk being scattered everywhere. Impulsive, he charges head first without taking time to think...
Pisces personality traits and information
Gemini personality traits and information
Gemini is the third and final sign of spring. The spring of Gemini announces summer where buds burst into life, branchs form on trees, flowers explode with colour. Gemini is full of projects and plans that he/she can't wait to do...
Libra personality traits and information
Libra is the first sign of autumn located in the autumn equinox, when the days are equal to the nights. Libra knows how to balance the days and nights and is a being of harmony, permanently searching for the central point...
The Belline oracle
Ever since the beginning of the 19th century, divination games such as oracles have been popular. The Belline oracle was created in 1845. It's an extraordinary game that gives accurate clairvoyance on simple themes...
Numerology is the ancient practice of converting letters into numbers. It is accessible to all and offers avenues/paths for self knowledge to help you live your life to the full.
Cancer personality traits and information
The sun is at its zenith, the highest point in the sky: summer solstice. Cancer, a water sign, always looks back on childhood and the past, often with remote, subconscious intentions. Cancers feel before they think, act on instinct, are very intuitive and could almost be a psychic or medium...
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